What Are You Doing Saturdays?

Lucy teaches two classes every Sunday in May and when she does that, she’s too wiped out to argue with me on Sunday nights, so we’re switching to Saturday nights. Yes, I know that screws with date night, plus it means Sweetness and Light are on board again, and I kind of like finishing the week with PopD, but it’s no fun to podcast when all Lucy does is yawn and snore.

So PopD is now on Saturdays, 7:00 PM Eastern, 6:30 for the chat. If you’re mad, yell at Lucy.

6 responses to “What Are You Doing Saturdays?”

  1. Aw, poo. My Saturdays are typically booked from 6 pm to ? depending on what happens after church. Yep, that’s our hot date night. Church. 😉

    If you could make it at 8pm, we’d make a few of the showings. Doesn’t Lucy owes us something for switching the days? Give her caffeine instead of wine or record the podcast the next day?

  2. Keith, Lucy wants one day off where she doesn’t have to do anything, and the only day she gets that is Sunday. i’m open to any day, as long as it’s not before noon. Fridays are bad for Europe, but Saturday nights seem to be bad for a lot of people. Let us cogitate.

  3. Ooh, yes, Friday would be better, at least for me. It was really nice at the end of the week, to kick back with dinner, a movie, DH, & friends.