Ratings Comparison

Cat’s comment made me look at the ratings for the first time to see how far off base we were, and really, they’re remarkably consistent across the board.

The Pop Poll (that’s all of you) was much kinder to Ninotchka than we were and a little bit kinder to The Lady Eve and Born Yesterday, but the poll was tougher than we were on the other five movies. Even so, all the scores are really close. See for yourself (click on the image to make it larger):

I think the thing to remember is that the goal of this series to find out what makes a great romantic comedy, not what makes a great movie. So while you may love a movie (I still love Bringing Up Baby), if the romance doesn’t work or the structure is all over the place, we’re going to point that out, although I was surprised at how many 5pop structure ratings Lucy and I have given: 6 out of 8 for each of us. Comedy is tougher–4 out of 8–and then there’s romance where we’re sharks: 3 out of 8.

You all, on the other hand, have yet to give a movie a 5. Tough, tough audience.

4 responses to “Ratings Comparison”

  1. “You all, on the other hand, have yet to give a movie a 5. Tough, tough audience.”

    We’re Crusie and March fans. That’s a pretty high bar.

  2. I wish we could lose the “not worth wasting your life” bit on the 2 pop rating. It might be a bad romcom, but a really good movie . . . . (-: OTOH, the one-pop rating seems to be just perfectly phrased. I don’t regret watching any of the movies so far. I learned something from each one.

  3. Sorry to go back to a late post, but it’s not closed so I just wanted to say I think the ratings have been going very well. The only thing I would change is switching the final percentages between “It Happened One Night” and “His Girl Friday” because, I think “It Happened One Night” is not only the Ur, it is the perfectest one so far. 🙂