Popcorn Dialogues: The Book

A publisher has expressed interest in doing PopD as a book, so we’re thinking about it. We’re brainstorming what should be in it (see the page tab above that says “The Book” for our notes so far), but since you all have been with us for months, we figure you’ll have good ideas on (a) what should go in the book and (b) what it should be called. Please post suggestions for A and B below. If we do this, we’ll probably start it in late summer of next year, so PLENTY of time. And we thank you for your support.

13 responses to “Popcorn Dialogues: The Book”

  1. Oooh, that would be fun. Can we suggest some other movies we’d like to see covered as well?

    Other than that, the outline looks perfect. I

  2. I think you should include transcripts of some of your conversations in the book. The podcasts are a big part of the fun, so it’d be great to have something that gets that flavor across in the book. Oh, and include the best Tweets, too.

    I think part of the charm of PopD is that it’s scholarly without being dry or overworked. It feels off the cuff, conversational, and I think the book should have that feel, too.

  3. Fabulous, would it be possible to add a few more movies or are you thinking of just sticking to the American movies, no British movies? Love Actually for example.

    Hmm, I thought something good would come out of this. Also, why couldn’t Turner Classic Movies or other classic movies play the movie on Friday nights along with PopD? It would be a good way to get more viewers. Anyone approached them about it?

  4. We are very low rent here; TCM probably wouldn’t take our calls.
    I think we’re sticking with American for right now, even though it breaks my heart. I still mourn for Miss Pettigrew. So maybe we’ll do a British month in the spring.

  5. Fantastic News, and I agree, I think your comments should be included, both Twitter and your podcast. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy listening to your podcasts, especially when the laughter becomes contagious. Can never have too much laughter.

  6. Did you solicit the idea or are publishers just stalking you online hoping for their next bestseller? Seems like a great idea to have a pro-romance take on romcom in the lexicon. I really enjoyed your discussions about what does and doesn’t constitute a Romantic Comedy – the levels of romance vs. comedy and commitment to each that you slaved over to try and set criteria. I would definitely like that included either at the start or interspersed with critiquing the movies.

    My mind likes time-order things. Showing the initial criteria, discussing some movies, then showing how the criteria had to be revised would be right up my alley. Almost like a science experiment where you start with a hypothesis, gather information to support the hypothesis (like “there are good rom coms”) then realizing that the task is not straightforward. I guess that’s why I read the blogs (although I’m too lazy to watch along on fridays) – I get to see the thought processes.

    BTW, is the first Shrek included? Or is that a quest movie more than a romcom?

  7. Maybe a discussion on romcom in movies vs. romcom in books. What works in one venue that doesn’t work in the other? What is required for both? A discussion of what makes a good hero/heroine. (One of my issues with some of the films we’ve watched that I didn’t like was that I found the main characters unlikable–Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park, for instance.) The importance of strong secondary characters? Many a list of the movies that had the best not-lead actors? (Olympia Dukakis, for instance)
    And what about a little bit from the guy’s point of view, since you have Alastair and he always has good things to add?

  8. CrankyOtter, we hadn’t thought about Shrek, although we’re considered our options for the end of February when we either stop this or start doing them months.

    A publisher approached me about doing a non-fiction book, which I’m not ready to do–I’m overwhelmed now–but I mentioned Popcorn Dialogues, and she was interested. Then I talked to Lani about it and we both want to organize all the stuff we’ve learned because what we’ve learned has be amazingly helpful as we’re writing our current books. I want to do a writing book some day, but this would be more of a “watch this movie and see this concept” book; it’s not divided into character, plot, etc. it’s divided into movies so that people could pick a movie that’s fun (or not so fun) to watch and look for the things we found. I think at that point we’d open up the comments on all the movie posts, too, so if people wanted to come in and mention something, there’d be a place to do it.
    But we’re still talking about it. Lots of upheaval here right now, so it’s pedal to the metal until after February at least.