Hitmen in Love

So we’re thinking about the first series after this one ends in February, and we though something non-traditional for Valentine’s Month might be fun: hitman romantic comedies.  Obviously I have a weakness for them: one of my top ten favorite romcom films is Grosse Pointe Blank (which we’re doing for PopD next Friday) and I wrote half of Agnes and the Hitman (Bob Mayer wrote the other half, and brilliantly, too).  But I don’t think Lucy and I can take more than four homicidal heroes, so here’s the list we have to draw from so you help us narrow it down:

The Assassination Bureau
The Whole Nine Yards
The Big Hit
The Baker/Assassin in Love
You Kill Me
Mr. and Mrs. Smith
Wild Target (not out on DVD yet, so probably shouldn’t be on the list except that the cast is amazing so I have my fingers crossed).
Yes, I know there are some really bad films on the list, but we learn from bad stuff, too.   Also, I know Prizzi’s Honor isn’t on here, and I know it’s a great black comedy, but it’s not a romcom.  Eventually we’ll do a black comedy series, but this is our Hitman RomCom series.  And of course if we’ve missed any, let us know.

19 responses to “Hitmen in Love”

  1. I’m not familiar with any of these, so I’ll pretty much be trusting your tastes on this (which seems to be working well). I do have a question, though: does Mr. and Mrs. Smith count? I’m not a big fan of either Pitt or Jolie, but for some reason I kind of enjoyed that one.

  2. Remember “Blame it on the Bellboy” (1992)? Its a patchy mixture, but I think Bryan Brown’s hitman mistakenly trying to rub out a lonely hearts lady from Huddersfield was the best thing in it. Its a Whats Up Doc kind of thing.

    I think The Baker would be a good choice in that the problem with it is the writing. It is fine in all other respects. And Damian Lewis! The others I don’t mind or don’t know.

  3. I’ve only seen two of the ones of this list and here are my thoughts:

    The Baker/Assassin in Love-my sister LOVES it, but I just couldn’t get through it. Even my love of Damien Lewis was not enough to carry me through exploding rams and bathroom humor.

    Mr. and Mrs. Smith- I didn’t like this one. Thought the pacing was off, wooden dialogue, wooden acting, no chemistry and I really don’t like Angelina Jolie

  4. Hitmen in love is one of my favorite tropes and Agnes and the Hitman is one of my absolute favorite books; I reread it CONSTANTLY. I vote for The Baker (I’m Moth’s sister. I guess I have a much higher tolerance for These things), Killers, and The Whole Nine Yards.

    I loathe Angeline Jolie, so Mr. and Mrs. Smith… not so much.

  5. It’s pretty recent and I don’t know when it will be out on DVD, but what about RED? It has two RomCom plots (one is the main one) and its funny.

    And the cast is top notch.

  6. I would LOVE to do Red. We missed it in the theaters so we’re definitely getting the DVD. Wonder if it’ll be released in time?

  7. Our votes, including the hubby who watches with me, are for The Big Hit and The Whole 9 Yards.

    Also, casting a vote against Gigli.

    I’ll let you know if we think of any others.

  8. Janice, you’re a champ. I was trying to open the room and couldn’t figure out what the hell I was doing wrong, and just gave up. Frustrating day, and it was such a good movie, too. Thank you for trying!

  9. Oh, fantastic, Bonnie. Thank you!

    I felt really guilty about the chat and then realized that possibly it wasn’t the end of the world. I still feel guilty but not so much. Never do anything for the first time without back-up. Well, on the internet anyway.

  10. Wow – I didn’t know anyone other than me had ever seen and/or enjoyed The Assination Bureau! I would love to join this discussion sometime!