Ep 1: Here’s the Plan

Lucy: Our first attempt at recording a podcast and it went… okay. No movie discussion this week, mostly it’s just us talking about what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and how we’re planning on using our newfound knowledge of romantic comedy to take over the world.

You know. Just another Friday night.

Jenny: Our first podcast was a practice run to make sure the equipment worked and I knew what I was doing (Lucy’s a pro), and to give people a chance to practice downloading. The podcast you’ll download was our fourth attempt. The third one was pretty good, but I sat on my mute button.

Click on “Download” to download. Thank you.

Follow Lani and Jenny live during the movie on Twitter every Friday night at 8pm EST at @JennyCrusie and @LucyMarch or #PopD! Pause your DVD at the beginning of the studio logo (MGM lion, Columbia lady, etc.) and then push play at 8 PM to coordinate your watching with the Twitter feed.


29 responses to “Ep 1: Here’s the Plan”

  1. Great show, ladies! I’m glad of the excuse to revisit some classics, and the blend of giggling and formalism will be, I’m certain, entirely addictive. 😉

    Will there be an Amazon affiliate link, so that we can support the show when buying our DVDs? And maybe… well, look at that. Amazon sells popcorn too, apparently. Now I never need to leave my house!

    Looking forward to next week!

  2. Holly – I’m waiting on iTunes to give us the go ahead; until then, you can copy-paste the feed url ( into the Advanced–>Subscribe to Podcast box in the iTunes pull-down menu. Once we have a permanent iTunes link, we’ll get that up here.

    Alastair – lol, I’m the giggler, she’s the formalist. We make a great pair, no? And I like the way you think – we haven’t talked about an Amazon affiliate link, but we sure will now – especially now that I know Amazon sells popcorn!

  3. Great job! Sounded like the two of you were having a great time; it’s much better to laugh about technology than smack the computer!!!

    Looking forward to the dialogues.

  4. Amazon Affiliate links are easy to set up too. Popcorn, books, movies. You can get all kinds of useful things there.

    Thanks for the sneak peak into the next months.

  5. Yay! I can hardly wait… except I will be in Yosemite next weekend and not able to participate in the comments because I won’t be able to catch up until Wednesday. Le sigh.

    Just 1 teeny technical thingy: is it possible to get the little… I have no idea what the terms is, but the little bar that slides along as the podcast plays to show how long the ‘cast is? For example on YouTube, the window shows how many minutes/seconds the video lasts. As I have smalls, this feature would be EXTREMELY helpful so I would know if I need to set them up in front of a full length DVD or just let them rot their little brains in front of Nick Jr. while momma is “learning”. 😛

  6. Any of us who have been lucky enough to meet Jenny and hear her speak LIVE and IN PERSON! know how much fun it is to listen to her thought processes. But with fewer book signings, the opportunities to hear her are obviously less.

    These podcasts are going to be a blast for many reasons. But getting to hear Jenny’s thoughts LIVE and ON OUR COMPUTER is going to be such a treat. I’m not sure if it is more Abbott and Costello or Goerge and Gracie, but Jenny and Lucy are sure to make Saturdays a lot more fun.

    Really looking forward to it!

  7. I enjoyed the practice pod cast, and look forward to what is planned. Have you considered doing a video podcast? Pjs would be fine!

  8. Not in this lifetime.
    My goal is to never have to put on make-up or underwear again. It’s a simple goal, but powerful.
    Thank you for the suggestion, though.

  9. I don’t think we needed to know about the underwear thing.

    I took the download out for a spin and it worked just fine, copying the URL and using the Advanced (that’s me) tab on iTunes. This will be fun. I don’t tweet, though. Will I still be able to follow the chat?

  10. While listening to the inaugural episode, I was paroosing google images for a popcorn picture to drop onto my iTunes for the podcast. Needless to say, I was so carried away with my excitement that I’m now the proud owner of popcorn earrings from Etsy (and have yet to find a picture for iTunes)!!

  11. “Wait. Who’s Gracie?”

    Gracie Allen. Are you serious? You don’t know who Gracie Allen is? “Say goodnight, Gracie”?
    Oh. My. God.
    I had to show her the Smothers Brothers, too.

  12. I think you can follow the chat. I think all you have to do is go to Twitter.com and search for #PopD. But you may have to sign up to get it. (Anybody know?) It’s free, so there’s that.

  13. Darling, I meant which one of us is Gracie. Jeez. I know George and Gracie. “Say goodnight, Gracie.” I KNOW.

    And yes, all you have to do is type “#popd” into the search page on Twitter and you’ll find all the related tweets.

    I knew who the Smothers Brothers were, too, I just hadn’t seen the show. Yeesh. I’m not THAT young.

  14. Now you have the perfect way to end the podcasts.

    Jenny: Say goodnight, Lucy.
    Lani: Goodnight, Lucy.

    Just listened while eating Haagen Dazs chocolate ice cream. Life is good. These are going to be so fun! Already have the first movie coming from Netflix.

    Thanks for the Jimmy Durante!

  15. An Amazon affiliate link would be great! I’ve been meaning to get a popcorn popper for a while, and this is just the push I need. I’d love to have it by next weekend, but that means I’ll need to order it by Tuesday. Do you only get credit for items specifically listed on your site, or do you get credit for everything that person buys when they get to Amazon through your link?

    If the credit is only for specific items, I’d like to campaign for the Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Corn Popper. None of the poppers seem to work perfectly, but this one seems good and it’s fairly inexpensive.

    Also, I nearly bought this bowl at World Market yesterday, but decided to hold off and check Amazon’s price- it’s about the same. Sure wish I’d had it for my daughter’s sleepover last week: Back to Basics PC17559 Large Metal Popcorn Bowl

    Add some popcorn to that list, and we’re good to go!

    I have that whole “letter to Santa” high going here. It’s going to be a good day.

  16. We talked over the Amazon affiliate thing, and I think we’re going to pass on it, just because a) it’s a bit of work getting all the links in and we’re essentially lazy people and b) we love the clean look of the site the way it is. So don’t hold back on your purchasing power on our account, but thank you for thinking of us!

  17. The other drawback is that I’d I feel like we’d be exploiting you if we put up the Amazon button. I’m always careful on my sites not to sell anything because it feels like I’d be inviting you into my (internet) home and then saying, “Can I interest you in some Amway?” It’s bad enough that I talk about the books on there (“And then I wrote . . .”) so I try to only to do that when I’m giving you something interesting (“And here are the forty-six cover ideas we dropped . . .”).
    Plus what Lucy said. We both love the clean, bright, stripped down look of this site, and I don’t think an Amazon button would add anything except a BUY SOMETHING NOW! vibe. Not friendly.
    We really appreciate the suggestion because it was incredibly generous of you to offer to let us exploit you, but we talked it over and decided we’d pass.

  18. “It’s going to be in four fifteen minute segments, Bonnie, so about an hour.”

    Woot! Perfect!

    ” “Can I interest you in some Amway?” ”

    I dated a guy who sold Amway… LOL! Off to clean up the water I just spit all over my computer.

  19. Well, the Amazon button wasn’t my idea, but I thought it would be nice to contribute a little. I’m not well informed about such things, but there has to be some cost associated with running these sites, and I certainly do enjoy them tremendously.

    I suspect you think that the sites serve, to some extent at least, as advertising, and that justifies whatever cost you put into them. But really, these sites don’t affect my purchasing of your books in the slightest. Like most other book addicts, I constantly search for information on upcoming books by my favorite authors, and I would know about your books long before they hit shelves, Argh or no Argh. Certainly not true for everybody, but I bet it’s true for the Argh people, the Betties, the Cherries.

    Sorry, I’m excessively chatty today, but I feel compelled to point out that you wouldn’t be exploiting us, anyway, you’d be exploiting Amazon, right? I assume that we would be paying the same prices for things we will buy anyway, and Amazon would share its profits with you.

    OK, now I’ve carried on and on about something I don’t even have any strong feelings about. I agree, the site looks beautiful, and putting up buttons would probably be clutter and unnecessary work. But I guess I don’t really understand why you feel you should have to pay for everything, when you’re already doing all the volunteer work. Around here, we would call that unfair.

    Feel free to ignore this, it certainly doesn’t call for the energy of a response. What a beautiful Sunday on a holiday weekend- I’m off to the pool!

  20. No, it’s really sweet of you. I thought it was very nice that you suggested it. I’m just paranoid about that kind of thing.

  21. Ummm…silly question. To follow you guys on Twitter, would it be @JennyCrusie or @CrusieNews? Because I already follow the latter.

    I only ask because I’m putting you two in a list together so I can follow while I watch, uninterrupted by everyone else I follow. 🙂

  22. I’m still trying to find the password to JennyCrusie (we think it’s lost in Mollie’s spam filter) but you can search on Twitter for #PopD and read them there.

    And really, we’re planning on having @JennyCrusie working by then. I think CrusieNews will redirect to JennyCrusie once we have it going. Mollie was reluctant to let me tweet because she thought the power to send any spare idea that flitted through my brain on the spur of the moments to lots of people would be . . . dangerous.

    Vicki, I’m sorry about the time zone problem. It’s worse for people in England and Germany and god knows, Japan. But I think you can get the tweets at @PopD later. And truthfully, I’m not sure how much I’m going to tweet with a clipboard in my lap taking notes for the podcast later. This is all experimental here at the beginning.