Older And Wiser

Hi everyone, this is Alastair. Sorry about The Italian Job.

Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Popcorn Dialogues — or at least, it’s one year since the first movie podcast, which was actually the second episode, but who’s counting? — and to celebrate, I put together a bonus episode looking back at the series of romantic comedies which started this whole thing. Remember how much Jenny and Lucy loved Roxanne? Remember how much they hated Barefoot In The Park? Remember the very first appearance of, “Lord, it wasn’t good”? Make yourself comfortable, pour something refreshing, and come relive the magic.

Listen here, or get it at iTunes.

And don’t forget to join us tomorrow for Ocean’s Eleven — 1.30 Eastern for the chat, 2.00 for the movie!

5 responses to “Older And Wiser”

  1. I was wondering if, after the TV beginnings, we might do Inside Man. It’s a heist movie, and it probably fails structure-wise, but it does so much with characterization that I think it might be a good follow up to the TV beginnings (which are all about successful characterization).

  2. This was great! Lovely to get the origin of “Lord, it wasn’t good” – think I missed that the first time around.

    One thing — you have the RomCom run discussion from When Harry Met Sally, and the deal with that scene is that it’s an homage to Woody Allen’s run at the end of Manhattan (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIugrczLUl0 – running at 3 min mark). There are a lot of Woody Allen nods in WHMS, but the run is probably the most direct. So while the RomCom run is unquestionably a massive cliché, at least WHMS was deliberately playing with it (although I’m not sure if Manhattan is actually a RomCom, ick factor aside).