Ep. 57: Leverage

Leverage is sharp, smart and engaging, but scratch the surface and you’ll find some of the deepest, most fascinating character writing on television.

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Story Analysis & Ratings:

Lucy says: 5 Pops ~ Lucy’s comments are coming soon.
Lucy’s rating breakdown: Protagonist: 5, Main Cast: 5, Supporting Cast: 5
Alastair says: 5 Pops ~ This show built on a strong beginning to become one my favorites. Deep, deft characterization complements tight plots, and the writing is nothing short of brilliant. Unmissable.
Alastair’s rating breakdown: Protagonist: 5, Main Cast: 5, Supporting Cast: 5

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Story: A crew of high-tech crooks attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen. Creators: John Rogers, Chris Downey

7 responses to “Ep. 57: Leverage”

  1. Is anyone else having trouble finding the Leverage episode via iTunes. The White Collar episode just went up and I was able to download that, but as far as I can tell the Leverage is episode is not there 🙁

  2. Big thanks to Lucy and Alastair for putting Leverage up on iTunes! I’m far too obsessed with Popcorn Dialogues to go without an episode…hmm…this might be problem

  3. Finally listened to the podcast. I held out until I could watch the show. I haven’t watched beyond the first 11 episodes of the first season.

    First of all – community. I wondered if you were going to address the fact that Nate didn’t pick 3/4 of his team. Elliot, Parker and Hardison were picked by the first “client”. Nate was familiar with all of them for the reasons you state, but they were not selected by them. Nate did select Sophie (the lovely scene in the theatre where the “children” think dad has lost his mind about their new mom to use your metaphor).

    Leverage has a formula – at least in these first episodes. When Nate says “Let’s steal a …” it’s always at the same running time point of the episode. When the twist happens it’s at the same commercial break. Saying that, the twist is the stakes getting higher, but not the same thing happening. I think the writers know they have a formula and they are using the formula instead of the formula using them. I might be noticing these things because I’m watching 3-4 episodes an evening instead of 3-4 episodes a month.

    Having said all that, I will be buying the DVD’s. I love heists. I can see watching these over and over again. Not to mention, I think both my best friends will love it and can’t wait to watch it with them.