Bonus Movie: Morning Glory

I just watched Morning Glory, and I’m fascinated by the way they used the romantic comedy tropes without making a romantic comedy. So I’ve suckered Alastair into watching it with me next Sunday at 3PM ET so we can talk about that. Chat will start at 2:30. Movie is available to rent on Netflix, streaming on Amazon and iTunes. Make sure you get the 2011 version, not the movie made in the 90’s from a LaVyrle Spencer novel (although that was a good, good book).

13 responses to “Bonus Movie: Morning Glory”

  1. It just came out so it’s probably not that weird. This and Red are probably the most recent movies we’ve ever done. I do think it’s valuable to look at older movies and the very latest ones, just to see the difference in storytelling. I appreciated this one a lot more because of what I learned in nine months of romcom watching. It’s very predictable, but I still enjoyed it because it did new things with a new form (that is also very predictable; the predictability may just be built into the rom com template).

  2. Oh count me in, I just watched it and I did have a few problems but I was intrigued by the rom com stuff they did. It also has Diane Keaton in it, an actress I love.

  3. I might try to give this a try. It’ll be nice to see a new Harrison Ford movie that doesn’t truly suck. [Sorry, still bitter that I went to see the last Indiana Jones on opening night!]

  4. You and me both, Stephanie. Perhaps we should suggest a Terrible Sequels series for PopD; we can look at Crystal Skull, the second and third Matrix movies, Spider-Man 3… any other suggestions?

  5. I do like the idea of a sequels series – whether it’s terrible or not is another thought. Yes, Crystal Skull was just so bad and I can’t believe I paid full price for those freaking tickets. The thing I found amazing was that Lucas said the other scripts were worse. Really? How?

    I did notice that “Shop Around the Corner” is streaming on Amazon free to Prime members and I think I’m going to do a double feature with that and “You’ve Got Mail!” That might be my own Terrible Sequel series, but since I haven’t seen the original I’m not sure it’s not terrible itself.

  6. I just watched this tonight. Very cute movie. They sadly underutilized Patrick Wilson who is both talented and incredibly sexy.

    OH! And can I just say, that if I have ever had access to a semi-naked Patrick Wilson nothing would get me away from him. Nothing.

  7. See, I understood that completely. If you’re obsessed with something, nothing stands in your way, including a cute guy.

  8. Oh yay. I’ve seen Morning Glory twice and thought it was delightful both times. My overwhelming thought while watching it was “Now THIS is how you do a smart, determined, and career-obsessed heroine and use her well.”

  9. maybe my Mother’s Day wish can be that my family gives me the afternoon to myself to watch this? I can hope at least.

  10. Cool. I’ll confess I’m not rational about this movie– it’s the first one I’ve ever seen where I recognized myself in a character. The speech patterns and physicality (not looks). Her relationship with her job. Her approach to problem-solving. The dh kept looking at me during the movie with eyebrows raised. It was weird. I guess I’ve found my marketing group– and I always thought I was such an individual :D. (“I am a man. Not a number!”) Are there a bunch of movies like this that I’ve missed? It’ll be fun to hear people’s comments and get a little perspective.

    (BTW, Jenny has always been Hildy, to me. Smart, funny, talented, striding with confidence through a man’s world though she gets sidetracked by her generosity and the effort she puts into making community. We should come up with a “What Character are You?” quiz for popcorn dialogues.)

  11. I just watched this movie the other night. I started watching it again yesterday morning to listen to the commentary. The writer seems to think she’s written a romantica comedy, but I think she’s wrong, unless the romance is between the heroine and her job. The actual romance was a subplot. I did like the movie, though, quite a lot.

    I wish I could watch it along with all of you this afternoon, but once again we have a Mother’s Day brunch (bad enough) scheduled for 2 pm CDT (even worse).

  12. Wow, Moll, Hildy? I’m ridiculously flattered.
    And I can definitely see some Becky in you, mostly in the enthusiasm and the absolute competence. Plus the beauty and the determination of course. The mime bit, not so much.