Ep 20: All of Me

Roger’s a lawyer who’s dead inside. Edwina’s the rich dead woman who shares his body. Doesn’t sound like it should be a top contender for an (almost) perfect romantic comedy, but it is! Get the podcast: Listen here at PopD | Go to iTunes

Story Analysis & Ratings:

Lucy says: 5 Pops ~ Lucy’s rating breakdown: Structure: 5, Comedy: 5, Romance: 5

Jenny says: 5 Pops ~ Lucy’s rating breakdown: Structure: 5, Comedy: 5, Romance: 5

Blog Poll Rating: TBD

Movie Info:

Release Date: September 21, 1984 Writers: Phil Alden Robinson (screenplay), Henry Olek (adaptation), Edwin Davis (novel). More info at IMDb.

5 responses to “Ep 20: All of Me”

  1. I will say this for Victoria Tennant: she made me genuinely believe that Terri was a tree-hugging hippie who really did want to be “transmigrated” for the first half of the movie before she turned. So she’s good on that level, at least. I am not into her in general, but I bought it and normally I would have smelled the bullshit on that one.

    One odd thing that occurred to me: Edwina, if you are going to TAKE OVER some woman’s body and life, it would behoove you to (a) learn her freaking name, because apparently she’s never learned it, and (b) might be good to find out if that body needs to visit her parole officer on a frequent basis. Money won’t get you out of screwing up THAT one…

  2. She calls her Terri at the lawyer’s table when she’s in a panic, so I figured she was just being bitchy about the name. And she says she used to watch Terri play with her things and ride her horses. She knows her name.
    But yeah, the parole officer would have been a good thing to know. But then finding somebody with a slamming body who’s willing to give it to you is probably not easy. And I bet she had a doctor check her out to make sure the body was healthy. She just misses on the things that people who live in the outside world would know.

  3. I don’t remember the part at the lawyer’s office, so thanks for that. But I do remember her specifically calling her “Fred’s daughter” in the other scene (“I used to watch Fred’s daughter…”) and thinking, “Jeebus christ, you’ve known her for a longer time than I thought and you STILL don’t bother to learn her name?”

    I don’t think the parole officer bit should have dissuaded Edwina, but it’d be a nice thing to know before you flake out on showing up to a meeting because you weren’t aware you had to go to them! I have heard enough drama about people screwing up with their PO’s to know that it’s Serious Business.

  4. This really was sooo much better than I remembered. I forgot how much the physical comedy lent to the story and the romance. And the writing really was good. I’m sad this isn’t on Netflix instant streaming because this is one I want to go back over again just for the great conversations.

  5. I can pretty much just say me too and piggyback on Stephanie’s comment. I had completely forgotten the romance part of this movie so I was really surprised when it turned up on the list. I was working a lot in the 80’s – many things from that time are a little hazy.

    I really enjoyed the discussion about the structure on the podcast. I was seriously getting annoyed with Roger during that first scene. Many people question the fulfillment of their lives and work as they approach 40 and I think that is valid, but show me their frustrations don’t just have them whine at me about it. Once he met Edwina, then things started to happen so I’d have liked to get to that sooner.

    I smiled and sang “All of Me” for an hour after the end of the movie, so it gets a 5 from me.