Head’s Up

You know how we impulsed Down with Love last week?

I just found out Lucy’s never seen American Dreamer. We WILL be watching it in the very near future. I have no idea how this woman can call herself a romance writer without having seen American Dreamer (I’m afraid to ask about Romancing the Stone) but we’re going to remedy it quickly before RWA finds out and pulls her membership. Nothing you need to do about it, it’s not part of the PopD lineup and we won’t be tweeting it, but I did feel guilty about watching DWL without inviting you all in.

12 responses to “Head’s Up”

  1. Diss American Dreamer?
    That’s like spitting on the flag. Okay, it’s a flawed movie, no doubt about it, but so is Rocky Horror and do you see me slanging at that? No.

  2. And now you’ve just reminded me that I bought this DVD from deep discount a while back and haven’t yet watched it. Keziah, no fail, I don’t think it ever got a release here and I’ve never seen it come up on TV.

  3. I had my DVR searching for this movie for the last few years and it’s never popped up, so I’m not surprised there are folks that haven’t heard of it. I did finally give in and pull it up on Netflix and just watched it Wednesday (odd bit of timing). It wasn’t quite as funny as I remembered but I still loved it. And I kept thinking, “If Lucy hated Mike *that* much, this asshat probably made her head explode.” So, maybe wrap an Ace bandage around her head before watching it. Or maybe some aluminum foil.

  4. “American Dreamer” is a MUST-SEE for any romance novel reader or writer! Go watch, Lani!

    Yesterday I found out that my baseball-loving friend Dick has never seen either “Field of Dreams” OR “Bull Durham,” and told him to immediately watch them and get back to me. (He is English and therefore has an excuse, but still.)

  5. (-: } At TaraL: love that image (-:. Tin foil, and a beanie on top to vent the brain waves via propellor. I could have used that during Pillow Talk!

    . . . the official PopD foil-lined beanie with propellor craft kit. Hmmm. There ought to be a merchandising section (-:.

  6. LOVE LOVE LOVE American Dreamer! If you choose to do it as a group w/tweets let us know.