Ep. 43: Killers

A movie that would have benefited greatly from the writers knowing what story they were telling. Still, Catherine O’Hara makes it worth watching.

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Story Analysis & Ratings:

Lucy says: 2 Pops ~ Again, I have to say – “I’m hot, you’re hot” does not a romance make. Ashton Kutcher is much better in this than he typically gets credit for, but the dialogue was so leaden and the heroine written with such antipathy that even the good stuff – and there is some good stuff here, love the suburban neighborhood turning into a mass of killers – gets weighted down with the crap.

Lucy’s rating breakdown: Craft: 2, Romance: 1, Action: 2, Comedy: 3

Jenny says: 2 Pops ~ Ashton Kutcher deserves better than this and so does Catherine O’Hara. I’m coming around to Lucy’s argument that the first half hour is prologue and the story really starts half an hour in, and it’s the hitman’s story again as assassins come out of the woodwork to take a $20 mill bounty on him. Unfortunately he’s married to a mostly-bubble-head and even once the shooting starts, his goal is muddled beyond trying to stay alive. Very like Mr. & Mrs. Smith, it’s a good premise bobbled.

Jenny’s rating breakdown: Craft: 1, Romance: 1, Action: 2, Comedy: 4

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Movie Info:

Story: A vacationing woman meets her ideal man, leading to a swift marriage. Back at home, however, their idyllic life is upset when they discover their neighbors could be assassins who have been contracted to kill the couple. Release Date: June 4, 2010. Writers: Bob DeRosa and Ted Griffin

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8 responses to “Ep. 43: Killers”

  1. I haven’t had my afternoon coffee yet, so I’m feeling a bit slow, but are you guys joking by calling her Catherine O’Hara? I’m pretty sure her name Katherine Heigl. Otherwise, I agree with pretty much everything you have to say about this movie. They’re both worth more than this. They can handle comedy. Plus Katherine Heigl needs to be cast as something other than uptight anal retentive b*tch who needs to learn how to let her hair down.

  2. Um, Catherine O’Hara is the mother of Katherine Heigl’s character. She’s the one getting the love, not Heigl.

  3. It’s no problem. Like I said, lack of afternoon coffee. The second I had a sip, all of the gears started moving again. And they’re right she definitely deserved the love.

  4. I think the writers didn’t realize they were writing a Hitmen in Love movie – where he falls in love with a pair of boobs and changes his life so he can live somewhere he can know his neighbors. I think they thought they were writing a movie about a woman who’d been dumped and went off to France to get over it and met a guy without a shirt and then they just had her react to the world around her because they still thought it was her movie. Can we send them a gift certificate to Lani’s workshops?

  5. You know I’m prejudiced I dislike Heigl in practicaly anything she is in apart from the beginning of Grey’s Anatomy but even then only in the beginning when she had depth to her character. So I wasn’t going to like it going in.

    I will say I liked Tom Selleck, Catherine O’Hara and Rob Riggle. Catherine O’Hara is good in everything (I loved her in Penelope), but even then the problem is the tone (which I know has been said in the podcast but it was just all over the place) and frankly could have seen Kutcher die and would not have cared (and i don’t have such an adverse reaction to him as I do to Heigl). She is beautiful, but really have seen enough movies where two pretty people decide to be together just urgh. I think I’m cranky today 🙂

    You know off hitman but I watched ‘gunshy’ last night (it was £3.50) though I liked a lot of it. Liam Neeson is the lead (this has a lot to do with my liking it, he’s yummy), and Oliver Platt is good anything he’s in. The hero isn’t a hitman but an undercover cop but it sufferes from similar problems that the hitman movies do.

    I think you have to believe in the people. If the hero has to be good at his job or dies its hard to beleive that he gets nervous and has stomach problems (I know I know I’m wincing at the stomach stuff too). If he’s a good agent which is what you’re lead to beleive than you can’t buy the guy as written, its a really a shame because there are some good people in it, Sandra Bullock for one. And some funny moments disliking watermelon still makes me laugh.

    Anyway my rant is over and probably wouldn’t recommend it, there are plenty of good movies. I did want to mention it with hitman movies though because it didn’t work for exactly the same reason: a person who has their life on the line needs to be good at their job. And you have to deal with the violence in a way that goes with the tone.

    Anyway never mind about the grumpiness I loved Dodgeball so will be a lot more happy!