Ep 35.5 Red

Lucy and Jenny watched this because they were feeling tense.  Two hours later with giddy with great movie glee.  The podcast is mostly fifty-some minutes of “I love this movie!”  Don’t listen to it until you have seen this movie.  Also, you must see this movie.

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Story Analysis & Ratings:

Lucy says: 5 Pops ~ It’s been a long, long time since I’ve watched a movie and thought, “I can’t wait to tell everyone about this!” I would recommend this movie hands-down to anyone. Even the violence is beautifully done, and I hate violence. Perfect, perfect, perfect. I don’t care what Jenny says about the avocado. 😉

Lucy’s rating breakdown: Craft: 5, Comedy: 5, Romance: 5 Action/Adventure: 5

Jenny says: 5 Pops ~ Very close to perfect movie.  Okay, forget the avocado, it’s a perfect movie.

Jenny’s rating breakdown: Structure: 5, Character: 5,  Adventure: 5,  Comedy: 5, Romance: 5

Blog Poll Rating: TBD

Because it was an impromptu viewing, there is no Chat Transcript for this movie; sorry!

Movie Info:

Story: When his peaceful life is threatened by a high-tech assassin, former black-ops agent Frank Moses reassembles his old team in a last ditch effort to survive and uncover his assailants while protecting and winning the woman he loves. Release Date: Oct. 15, 2010   Writers: Jon and Erich Hoeber

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25 responses to “Ep 35.5 Red”

  1. Okay, really, I can see this post. Am I the only one?

    Also, WATCH THIS MOVIE. Actually, we love it so much we could probably watch it again with a chat room. Several times.

  2. i can see the post, just can’t comment yet because the movie is still in my netflix cue. Any chance it might get into the hitman rotation?

  3. OK, I’ll comment. Haven’t seen it, but listened to the podcast anyway. I know, I’m weak. Based solely (pretty much) on you and Lani gushing, I ordered it from Amazon for my very own. It sounds like something I can take when I do some upcoming traveling and that everyone — including my parents — will like.

    So, thanks for the recommendation…now I’m just waiting for the free shipping to ship.


  4. Stephanie, we’ll be referring to it a lot, especially since I’m so bitter about at least three of those movies. “Well, it’s no Red, that’s for sure.”

  5. Disclaimer: I have long stated that I need very little from a flick beyond Bruce Willis and explosions to make it worth my dime.

    Having said that…

    OMG! OMG! OMG! I cannot squee in fangirl excitement loudly and irritatingly enough that you and Lucy both loved this movie as much as I did. There’s a reason I pushed for it for the February syllabus. 😉 Or rather a whole cast of reasons.

    One of the things I love about it (aside from the FREAKING FANTASTIC car scene) is that no character or subplot is extraneous – they all feed into the whole. I also liked the avocado 2 beat. 😉 My husband actually pointed it out to me – he can be taught. LOL!

    I think I’ll ignore the Super Bowl hoopla and go queue up RED again…

  6. …And the good news (at least, we hope) is that a sequel is actually being contemplated. “Geezers” in sophisticated action-comedy (with some rom-com in the mix) creating studio interest in 2011?! Maybe civilization isn’t as doomed as I thought…

  7. Just watched it last night – you’re right; it’s terrific! It managed to remain light despite the action and violence, and that’s a very fine line to walk. Two thumbs up!

  8. I’ve watched it three times now. It gets better every time.
    I just can’t get enough of Mary Louise Parker duct-taped in that back seat.

  9. maybe we can chip in and get Willis and Mary Louise Parker a plant for their new place:)

    I’m definitely watching this again. I know there was stuff I missed the first time. I liked it but I think I’ll like it even more the next time. I was distracted much of the time just trying to figure out where the story was going.

  10. Love, love, ADORE.

    This makes me very nervous about the sequel. If the writers can pull off a sequel that doesn’t caricaturize the story and characters, and nobody else down the line screws up what they do, it will be a miracle.

    And I can take solace from the fact that even if they DO screw up the sequel, we’ll always have the original. ;=)

  11. Big smiles when we saw it, loved it. Podcast = love feast! I hope they do not screw up the sequel, too.

  12. I love that he’s sitting up and reading a category romance because that’s what she was reading. Just adorable.

  13. We watched it again last night and yes, I noticed more things. I noticed the category romance novels at the end. I also noticed Helen Mirren’s tattoo. I’m a huge Helen Mirren fan and I can’t remember any of her other movies where they didn’t cover her tattoo. [Obviously, not v. appropriate if when playing The Queen] Still, very cool!

  14. Thanks for the recommendation!

    One of my favorite bits: Helen Mirren changing her heels to boots. Love that attention to detail.

  15. Wanted to see this movie when I first saw the previews. Had the excuse (and money) to buy it last week. Watched it two days ago. I think I’m on my third viewing. Those opening scenes are perfect for character study alone. And then they had me when he walked out the car shooting. I love a good action flick that doesn’t screw up the romance.

  16. It was really good.

    Now, I am going to make my whole family watch it, starting with my grandmother at her (85th) birthday celebration.


  17. I just listened to this podcast, wow, what a love fest. I loved the movie, too. Jenny, I wondered if you noticed the third time the avacado shows up on the table when he’s eating? As if he is eating his meal with her? When I saw the movie, pre-podcast, I experienced that as the three-beat, two leaves, three leaves, having dinner with it like a date.

  18. Finally, finally watched Red. One of the best films I have seen in a long time! I loved Helen Mirren. I watched the extras and she said she based her character on Martha Stewart. I can totally see it. Thanks for giving us a good film on PopD. Just sat through Mr. and Mrs. Smith – sigh….

  19. I know, I know. But there are good lessons about story there. Still, I’d like that two hours of my life back . . .

  20. I’ve been playing catch up with the movies I haven’t seen before – in the last two weeks I’ve watched Roxanne, Moonstruck and Red. Talk about setting the bar high! Now when anything else comes on – pfftt – why bother. I came here looking for the chat room transcript – but this is nice, too. Helen Mirren is the coolest person on the planet – loved her in the parking garage with the huge gun – and then with Ivan : )))

    I was also thinking – (thanks to the podcasts I’m becoming a less passive viewer) that it was a great way to wrap up their story, great tension and climax of their own (V and I) without halting the action) And I’ve got to say I was thinking Martha when she was at her house so thank you Bharti for the extra that Helen based her character on M… fun! What a great, great movie!