Ep 29: Clueless

Lucy and Jenny agree; Clueless is a great re-telling of a classic story, and a great example of how to write a flawed but likeable heroine. Get the podcast: Listen here at PopD | Go to iTunes

Story Analysis & Ratings:

Lucy says: 5 Pops ~ Lucy’s rating breakdown: Structure: 5, Comedy: 5, Romance: 5

Jenny says: 5 Pops ~ Jenny’s rating breakdown: Structure: 5, Comedy: 5, Romance: 5

Blog Poll Rating: TBD

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Movie Info:

Release Date: July 19, 1995 Writer(s): Amy Heckerling

9 responses to “Ep 29: Clueless”

  1. I can’t seem to download the podcast from iTunes. It’s listed as a second “Ep. 28: French Kiss” but the release date is today and it looks like the right length. It just won’t download to my computer. Is it just me?

  2. Katie, me too, but I listened to it by clicking (not even right clicking) on the download box. The new page will give you a player to listened to it on the webpage.

  3. I listened to it on the website earlier. I just like to have some of them saved in iTunes in case I want to listen to them again.

  4. Katie, I’m getting that second Episode 28 thing too when I refresh my iTunes podcast list. The description is of clueless but it’s definitely titled French Kiss. I haven’t downloaded it. Will save the mp3 and import that to iTunes instead.

  5. I’m so, so sorry guys. I updated everything… except the title. And then I screwed up the podcast code. Sorry; I was working on a lack of sleep yesterday, and it was a busy day. It should download properly once iTunes refreshes. Totally my fault; sorry. This is a week of technical difficulties. Is Mercury in retrograde again?

    I just checked and the answer is… yes. LOL.

  6. Really enjoyed seeing this movie again, keeping in mind Emma. Watched the extras with the writer/director interview too. Learning so much about what works and does not work. Thanks.

  7. Clueless! It’s a longtime favorite of mine. Didn’t watch it with you guys, but just listened to the podcast a month later anyway ’cause it’s such a fun movie. One thing that the podcast didn’t mention, that I think is very important, is that all the plots and romances were arced so beautifully because THEY WERE WRITTEN BY JANE AUSTEN! I suck at writing plot, but if I had Jane Austen figure everything out for me first, even I could update a gorgeous book to current day and make myself look pretty awesome. Not to take away from the screenwriter, because that is still writing, and SUCH a great job was done with this. But original, it wasn’t.

    I agree with all the 5-pop ratings. Makes me want to watch it again.

    I really appreciate all you do with these rewatches and podcasts, by the way. They’re so much fun, and we can all learn so much from them, no matter who we are or how far we have gotten with our own writing (or reading, or watching). So thanks a million to Jenny, Lucy, and now Alastair too.