Mysteries, Anyone?

I’ve been underwater here for awhile (mentally, not the river), letting down everybody I know, and I’m trying to claw my way out, so tonight I sat with Lani and Alastair and talked at one point about how PopD has, sort of, lost its way. When we started, it was a project for Lani and me to learn about and clarify our ideas about writing romantic comedy. We did that for nine months, after which we really needed a break from The Big Misunderstanding and The Romcom Run, so we started doing short series that were interesting but not really helpful. So tonight we realized that we both really want to understand writing mystery plots better. Or at all, for that matter. Continue reading

TV Beginnings

We have one more movie left in our Heists and Capers season, and then we’re moving on to a series of TV shows to look at how they build communities of characters, and how they’re developed over time. We’ll watch two episodes of each show back-to-back; to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of links to where the episodes can be watched online. Of course, you can also join in if you own the DVDs.

Burn Notice
A spy recently disavowed by the US Government uses his Special Ops training to help others in trouble.
S01E01 “Pilot”: Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes ($1.99)
S01E10 “False Flag” : Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes ($1.99)

A former police officer returns to the force after having been wrongly imprisoned for years.
S01E01 “Merit Badge”: Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes ($2.99)
S01E08 “Farthingale”: Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes ($2.99)

In Plain Sight
Mary Shannon is a U.S. Marshal in the witness protection program who spends her time relocating federal witnesses.
S01E01 “Pilot”: Amazon ($1.99) | Netflix (Free*) | iTunes ($2.99)
S01E04 “Trojan Horst”: Amazon ($1.99) | Netflix (Free) | iTunes ($2.99)

A crew of high-tech crooks attempt to steal from wealthy criminals and corrupt businessmen.
S01E01 “The Nigerian Job”: Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes ($2.99)
S01E11 “The Juror #6 Job”: Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes ($2.99)

White Collar
A white collar criminal agrees to help the FBI catch other white collar criminals using his expertise as an art and securities thief, counterfeiter and racketeer.
S01E01 “Pilot”: Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes (Free)
S01E05 “The Portrait”: Amazon ($1.99) | iTunes ($2.99)

*The first three seasons of In Plain Sight are available to Netflix subscribers via their Watch Instantly service.

How About Sunday Afternoon?

Yeah, I know. This is getting old. Here’s the situation. Lucy’s working almost full time now AND trying to write a novel AND trying to raise two kids AND teaching a class every Sunday afternoon AND trying to stay married. She cries a lot. So Alastair and I suggested she take a hiatus from PopD and she said, “Let-me-think-YES.” As it happens, Alastair and I like Sunday afternoons. So we’re moving it to Sunday afternoons at 2PM ET, chat starts at 1:30PM ET. It’s not date night, it’s not during church, most people aren’t working then, it’s not impossibly late for Europe or impossibly early for the left coast, and we like it.
Please put all complaints below. Thank you. Also, Lucy says she’ll see you later. Mwah.

April, May, June, July . . .

Here’s PopD’s next four months. All but two of the movies are available streaming somewhere: Raiders of the Lost Ark and Ocean’s 11. And really, shouldn’t you own those? They’re classics. At least Netflix should have plenty of copies.

Apr. 29: Pocket Full of Miracles (1961) streaming on Amazon 
May 6: Gambit (1966) streaming on Amazon, iTunes
May 13: The Italian Job (1969) streaming on Amazon, Netflix, iTunes
May 20: Sneakers (1992) streaming on Amazon, iTunes
May 27: Out of Sight (1998) streaming on Amazon, iTunes
June 3: Ocean’s 11 (2001) (for sale on Amazon at $6.60)

June 10: Burn Notice: Pilot and “Broken Rules” (June 2007) streaming on Amazon, iTunes
June 17: Life: Pilot and “Farthingale” (Sept. 2007) streaming on Amazon, iTunes
June 24: In Plain Sight Pilot and “Trojan Horst” (June 2008) streaming on Netflix, Amazon, iTunes
July 1: Leverage: Pilot and “The Rashomen Job” (Dec. 2008) streaming on Amazon, iTunes
July 8: White Collar: Pilot and “Unfinished Business” (Oct. 2009) streaming on Amazon, iTunes

July 15: Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) ($13.99 on Amazon)
July 22: Romancing the Stone (1984) Netflix
July 29: Big Trouble in Little China (1986) Amazon, iTunes
Aug 5: The Mummy (1999) Amazon, iTunes

Technical Difficulties

Hey, Poppers! I’m sorry to report, there were problems with the audio from last night’s podcast, so we’re going to have to re-record it today, which means it probably won’t be up until later tonight, or tomorrow morning. We apologize for the delay, but we’ll have the podcast up as soon as we can. Thanks!