Ep 8: Born Yesterday

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Story Analysis & Ratings:

Lucy says: 2 Pops ~ An excellent example of how preaching about issues can ruin a perfectly good story. Judy Holliday was lovely and charming and earned that Oscar, but the movie didn’t quite make it. Lucy’s rating breakdown: Structure: 3, Comedy: 1, Romance: 2

Jenny says: 2 Pops ~ If you want to send a message, call Western Union. Or use e-mail. Anything but your story. Jenny’s rating breakdown: Structure: 3, Comedy: 2 (for Judy, otherwise 1), Romance: 1

Blog Poll Rating: TBD

Movie Info:

Release Date: May 28,1951

Story: Corrupt businessman Harry thinks his mistress should talk better so he can bribe more congressmen, so he gets her William Holden as a tutor. He never had a chance anyway; his mistress Billie is Judy Holiday. Do me a favor, Harry. Drop dead. Release Date: May 28,1951 Director: George Cukor Writers: Garson Kanin, Alfred Mannheimer. More info at IMDb.