Chat Transcript: The Italian Job

(00:00:00) Jenny: Push Play
(00:00:41) Lucy: I’ve never seen this before.
(00:01:00) maybette: I have but its been a long time
(00:01:04) Jenny: You know, people driving are boring.
(00:01:19) Jenny: 1969
(00:01:22) maybette: I like the music though
(00:01:26) Jenny: Usually means "slow."
(00:02:19) Jenny: Okay, the music is awful, the titles are ugly, and I’m tired of this guy driving. ALASTAIR!
(00:02:32) Jenny: I blame you.
(00:02:45) maybette: I like it – the music
(00:03:01) Alastair: I may go into hiding after this movie.
(00:03:05) Jenny: He just said he’s not going to defend the beginning or the end of the movie. And it’s his choice.
(00:03:27) maybette: well there was just an explosion
(00:04:13) Jenny: Okay, NOW something’s happening. So he’s probably dead.
(00:04:23) Alastair: I believe that this film held the record for destroying the most cars during filming until The Blues Brothers.
(00:04:32) Jenny: Love it.
(00:04:33) Alastair: Don’t mess with the mob.
(00:04:42) Lucy: Most unrealistic mob hit ever.
(00:04:44) maybette: I like the men in suits
(00:05:10) Jenny: What a pretty prison.
(00:05:15) Jenny: Love the colors.
(00:05:17) Lucy: Mary Poppins does prison.
(00:05:24) maybette: Noel Coward!!!!!!
(00:05:31) Alastair: I love Noel Coward in this.
(00:06:08) Alastair: Yes, the scene in Italy was a prologue. But the film moves pretty quickly once we get to Charlie leaving prison.
(00:06:34) maybette: true and he has an awful hat on
(00:07:32) maybette: and thats a bad shirt
(00:07:50) Alastair: Now that’s a sharp suit.
(00:10:58) maybette: wow now this a 60s movie
(00:11:11) maybette: and is his name Charlie?
(00:11:19) Lucy: Eleven minutes in. I’ve looked at the clock twice.
(00:11:32) Jenny: Hookers.
(00:11:38) Jenny: Yeah, I’m not crazy about hi
(00:11:45) Jenny: m
(00:11:52) Jenny: And she’s awful.
(00:12:03) maybette: yeah she’s annoying
(00:12:04) Lucy: I’m just not interested.
(00:12:21) Jenny: So, Lucy says, "Cut the first fifteen minutes."
(00:13:19) maybette: ok seriously is he a sex machine?
(00:13:32) Jenny: What is this, Alfie?
(00:14:41) Jenny: So it’s not Charlie’s plan?
(00:14:55) maybette: no I don’t think it is
(00:15:33) Jenny: Wonderful.
(00:15:35) Jenny: Argh.
(00:15:51) Jenny: So this is infodump done by movie by a dead man.
(00:15:55) Jenny: Why should I care?
(00:16:12) maybette: it does get better
(00:16:15) Lucy: That’s audacious infodump. That’s infodump that is simultaneously flipping us off.
(00:16:18) Alastair: This isn’t functionally different to the protagonist outlining his own plan.
(00:17:02) maybette: oh privae eye!
(00:17:16) Lucy: Yeah, it is. Because when the protagonist is in charge, he’s active, he’s making things happen. So far, the interesting guy is dead. And he’s not that interesting.
(00:17:46) Jenny: God, the sixties Not a good time to be a woman.
(00:17:54) Jenny: Even Caine is bad in this.
(00:18:11) maybette: noel!!!!
(00:18:14) Alastair: I concede the point. Both points. All the points. I still like it.
(00:18:31) maybette: I’m in your corner
(00:18:56) Jenny: Dance, gringo.
(00:19:30) maybette: Crcke this is my toilet – love that line
(00:20:40) maybette: Oh john Mercer he is so great
(00:22:30) Jenny: So Noel Coward rocks.
(00:22:41) Jenny: Slow, though. Velly, velly slow.
(00:23:05) maybette: you can blame 1969
(00:23:52) Alastair: This is nice character work, but it’s ultimately irrelevant to the plot.
(00:24:00) Jenny: See, he’s an interesting character.
(00:24:15) Jenny: It is? Oh hell.
(00:24:19) maybette: that is an awful apartment
(00:25:11) maybette: wtf?
(00:26:24) Alastair: Charlie isn’t stupid. He’s venal and self-serving, but he isn’t stupid.
(00:27:38) maybette: everybody in the world is bent love Coward
(00:28:52) maybette: oh god i’ve remembered what the professor does
(00:29:25) Jenny: Okay, I love her.
(00:29:33) maybette: benny hill – we realy had bad comedy in the 70s
(00:30:07) Alastair: I’ve always disliked Benny Hill, and this is just awful.
(00:30:19) maybette: yes it really is
(00:31:24) maybette: you know it knid of reminds me of the assignation bureu – the stylistic stuff at least
(00:33:47) Alastair: I see what you mean — it’s an extraordinarily British film. 🙂
(00:33:50) Jenny: No, the Assassination Bureau was good.
(00:34:24) maybette: the plot and acting were much better but the way its filmed it reminds me of it
(00:34:25) Jenny: Okay, the team has so many people we’ll never know them, so how can we invest in them?
(00:34:34) Jenny: Also, I don’t care if they get the money
(00:34:49) maybette: once you get to italy its better
(00:35:07) maybette: the stiff way they do comedy – very british
(00:35:43) Jenny: See, I don’t think Charlie’s particularly smart, and it’s not his plan
(00:35:51) maybette: ok I will defned it – but another film really?
(00:35:53) Jenny: So . . . I’m not caring.
(00:36:00) Jenny: Must be Fiona’s father.
(00:36:40) maybette: I don’t think Chalrie’s dumb though
(00:36:57) maybette: and it does explore the way that they’re all bent
(00:37:37) maybette: piazza authur piassa
(00:38:11) maybette: so is the mob after them?
(00:38:56) Alastair: Yes. The mob are onto them, which complicates things later.
(00:39:09) maybette: ok thanks!
(00:39:14) Jenny: This is all static. There’s no antagonist. They just keep EXPLAINING things This makes Gambit look like genius.
(00:39:35) maybette: I didn’t see it – but it does tell and not show
(00:39:46) maybette: this film
(00:40:34) maybette: ah the men in black
(00:41:05) Alastair: It does, absolutely, but this is one of the first movies to tackle a modern heist, complete with gadgets and cars. It’s horribly flawed, but it’s charming nonetheless.
(00:41:46) maybette: I love the minis
(00:42:15) Alastair: It comes to life in the second half, once they reach Italy. It’s still something of a mess, but it has a much greater sense of energy.
(00:42:16) maybette: Christ get rid of Benny Hill
(00:42:40) maybette: I agree with Alastair
(00:42:53) maybette: its the men in balck again
(00:43:45) Alastair: I think we need to recognise the technical achievement too — it couldn’t have been easy to make this movie, with this cinematography, in 1969.
(00:43:55) Alastair: I’m defending it, I know.
(00:44:43) maybette: the plot is a mess and the protagnoist isn’t someone I’m for but it is one of those British iconic movies
(00:45:04) Alastair: I rather like Charlie. He’s a product of his time, but Caine has a certain style.
(00:47:13) maybette: I dunno its not hs idea, he sleeps with anoyone who moves and seems a bit cock sure but its 1969
(00:47:37) Alastair: You have to admire the fact that there’s no model work in this — they really trashed those cars.
(00:49:23) maybette: thats good staff to produce candels that qucikly
(00:49:33) Alastair: It’s not his idea in the first place, but they suggest that there’s a connection between Charlie and the dead man. It’s poorly handled, but it’s there. As for the women, it was 1969 — and, in fairness, he doesn’t let them come between him and his goal.
(00:50:06) maybette: oh good just has sex with them becasue they’re unimportant
(00:50:33) Alastair: You’re right. I won’t defend the sexism in the movie at all.
(00:50:58) Jenny: Okay, I’ll give a pass on all of that, but for me, the problem is the storytelling.
(00:51:04) Jenny: I don’t care about the protagonist.
(00:51:14) Jenny: I don’t know what’s going on.
(00:51:17) Jenny: I don’t care
(00:51:21) maybette: to be fair james bond has the same problem – but then again he’s a dickhead too
(00:51:32) Jenny: So it’s failing completely on the story level
(00:51:43) Jenny: Look, it’s the sixties. He’s Alfie. I can go with that.
(00:51:44) maybette: patronising asshat
(00:51:55) Alastair: There’s never the sense that Charlie is personally invested. I must admit, watching this from a critical perspective, I’m enjoying it less than I did before.
(00:51:56) Jenny: Political correctness makes for bad storytelling.
(00:52:08) maybette: sorry Jenny
(00:52:12) Jenny: But bad storytelling also makes for bad storytelling.
(00:52:37) Jenny: See if this was Charlie against the Mafia guy from the beginning, cat and mouse, that could be cool
(00:52:40) maybette: the storytelling is bad but I like the heist element
(00:53:26) Jenny: But first Bridger is the antagonist and the the Mafia guy And Charlie hasn’t show me any great trickster qualities, it’s not even his plan, and if he doesn’t pull off the job, there are no consequences.
(00:53:40) maybette: sorry my feminist hackles were rising – but Jenny is right about political correctness
(00:53:54) Lucy: I like the heist and the group of guys, all doing their jobs and doing it well. But I don’t care about Charlie, or the girl, or the mob. Or Bridger.
(00:53:55) maybette: oceans elven does the consquences really well
(00:54:02) Jenny: Sorry, Alastair. We’re ruining your film.
(00:54:16) Alastair: I think it’s implied that Bridger would take retribution on Charlie if the job goes wrong, but you’re right. The storytelling is muddy.
(00:54:17) Jenny: May, I feel the same way. It one of the reasons I don’t like Charlie.
(00:54:35) Jenny: But I’d look past it if he was charming, smart, tricky, fun . . .
(00:54:40) maybette: well at least I’m not shrieking
(00:54:48) Jenny: God, she’s a terrible actress.
(00:54:56) maybette: he’s not charming – I think thats the problem
(00:55:36) Lucy: She is really bad. Although I’m enjoying her badness more than anything else in the movie. At least when she’s on the screen, I’m interested because she’s so bad.
(00:55:39) Lucy: Possibly, that’s not good.
(00:55:47) maybette: I think he’s supoosed to be funny in a 60s tyoe of way
(00:55:56) Alastair: This is Michael Caine at his most stereotypically Cainesque. Whether you like Charlie is, I think, dependent on whether you like Caine.
(00:56:36) maybette: I thikn the writing is the point wehre it suffers
(00:56:48) maybette: oh good fat hating too
(00:59:47) maybette: I liked Peter O’Toole in How to Steal a Million because he was fun charming and importantly smart – it was his idea
(01:01:07) Alastair: I think we’re being a little hard on Charlie. He got the seed of the idea, but he put the plan together, and now he’s holding it together as a good Trickster should.
(01:02:01) Jenny: I love Michael Caine.
(01:02:07) maybette: he’s telling people what to do – and they are doing it
(01:02:38) maybette: it really is a movie of its time
(01:02:51) Jenny: Right on O’Toole. And Caine is a smart, smart actor. It isn’t that he’s dumb in this, it’s that I can’t tell he’s smart because I can’t tell what’s going on.
(01:03:07) Jenny: I think the team is problematic, too. I’m not invested in them. They’re not invested in each other.
(01:03:34) Jenny: I really need to feel as though if this heist doesn’t come off, something terrible will happen.
(01:03:51) Jenny: And I don’t get that fro this. Even that there’ll be any consequences for Charlie.
(01:04:13) maybette: well to still have how to steal a million they work together – you are invested in their relationship and big consquences if it doesn’t work
(01:04:28) maybette: isn’t charlie threatened with death?
(01:05:04) Jenny: You care in Gambit, too. That bit in the cage really is tense.
(01:05:09) Alastair: It’s implied, and it’s a strong motivation — lest we forget, he effectively borrowed a lot of money from Bridger, who already beat him to a pulp for breaking into his toilet. The stakes are high, but we’re not shown it on screen.
(01:05:17) maybette: I think Alastair has a point thats it the first in trying this genre, they are finding their feet
(01:05:26) Jenny: Same with Ocean’s 11 which I am coming to have a new appreciation for. This caper stuff is not easy.
(01:05:51) Alastair: This might be the first heist movie which relied on computer hacking as a central part of the plot.
(01:05:56) Jenny: But before this there was Gambit.
(01:06:05) maybette: the thing that I liked is Danny has his heart on the line
(01:06:11) Jenny: I think it’s basic storytelling.
(01:06:42) Jenny: But that may be a 21st century thing, too.
(01:06:46) Alastair: Ocean’s Eleven is exceptional. Every other heist movie is going to fall short compared to that.
(01:06:47) maybette: i wanted Danny to win – and it has a clear anatagonist
(01:06:50) Jenny: The emotional component?
(01:06:57) Jenny: No, I don’t believe that.
(01:07:12) Jenny: Was The Sting done in the sixties?
(01:07:27) Jenny: That was a great con. Of course, I’m remembering it. Haven’t seen it lately.
(01:07:51) Alastair: The Sting was 1973 — though I remember finding it really slow. Almost as slow as the first half of The Italian Job.
(01:07:52) maybette: the sting – 1973
(01:08:06) Jenny: I feel like the grandfather in Moonstruck.
(01:08:10) Jenny: "I’m so confused."
(01:08:34) maybette: Well they are trying to get the gold through the traffic jam
(01:09:07) maybette: I love the minis
(01:09:10) Alastair: It’s a pretty sophisticated plot, particularly for the time. They coordinate the traffic jam to push the convoy to the right spot, then strike.
(01:09:31) maybette: you are right alastair
(01:10:20) maybette: the computer hacking thing I think you’re right about as well
(01:12:46) maybette: they got the gold at least
(01:13:15) Alastair: This isn’t bad at all, now. The storytelling is stronger when it has a clear sense of purpose.
(01:14:26) maybette: the stunts I’m impressed with
(01:16:24) maybette: Oh I remember this
(01:17:52) maybette: thats smart
(01:18:14) Lucy: The cars are cute.
(01:18:39) maybette: I really like that the woman slaps him
(01:20:46) maybette: I do really like this music
(01:25:39) maybette: now thats a tallent
(01:29:56) maybette: you are going to hate the ending
(01:30:12) Alastair: We were just talking about that, May. 🙂
(01:30:44) maybette: was there not supoosed to be a sequal?
(01:30:52) Lucy: I love it when prisoners break into song. It’s like Glee.
(01:30:55) maybette: ok here we go
(01:31:32) Alastair: We’re just a few minutes you, May. Wish us luck.
(01:31:57) maybette: oh are you behind me?
(01:33:36) Alastair: They just got out of the van and onto the coach.
(01:34:08) maybette: oh I am a bit forward s
(01:34:50) Alastair: We just reached the cliff. Jenny and Lucy are… tense.
(01:35:07) maybette: as well they should be
(01:35:09) Lucy: I’m not tense. I don’t care. It’s almost over, so I’m happy. 🙂
(01:35:13) Jenny: Not tense. ANNOYED.
(01:35:16) Alastair: No argument here.
(01:35:21) maybette: ok
(01:35:49) maybette: so was there supposed to be a sequal?
(01:35:53) Jenny: So they’re going to lose the gold because they’re stupid.
(01:36:52) maybette: well it would make sense to end it on a ciff hanger – I’m laughing at my stupid jokes
(01:38:40) Alastair: Wow. It’s bad, and it doesn’t get any better through repetition.
(01:38:56) Lucy: Wow. That was painful.
(01:39:12) Jenny: There’s going to be blood in the podcast.
(01:39:16) maybette: @alastair my joke or the film
(01:39:18) maybette: ?
(01:39:28) Alastair: The film, May — your joke was perfect. 🙂
(01:39:33) Jenny: Cliffhanger. You’re grounded, May.
(01:39:36) maybette: lol
(01:39:37) Alastair: It’s going to be a vicious podcast.
(01:39:54) Jenny: I told Lucy not to date guys she found on the internet.
(01:39:58) Jenny: But noooooooooooooo.
(01:40:13) Lucy: LOL. No, he’s still worth it.
(01:40:16) Alastair: It was still better than The Big Hit.
(01:40:25) maybette: Noel Coard was good
(01:40:26) Jenny: No, The Big Hit was better.
(01:40:33) Jenny: There was a plot in The Big Hit.
(01:41:11) maybette: and I think the hiest itself I understood
(01:41:15) Lucy: I didn’t actively hate this the way I hated the Big Hit, or even Mr. and Mrs. Smith.
(01:41:28) Lucy: I just didn’t care at all. And I had no idea what the hell was going on.
(01:41:31) Jenny: I actively hated this.
(01:41:31) maybette: indifference worse than hate
(01:41:52) Jenny: This may be my bottom film of the project.
(01:42:09) Jenny: Also they wasted Michael Caine.
(01:42:13) Jenny: And the music sucked.
(01:42:27) Lucy: LOL. Yeah, I don’t know. I think I’d watch this again before watching The Big Hit.
(01:42:30) maybette: ok youare rightfully angry
(01:42:34) Lucy: The music was awful. God. That song.
(01:42:43) maybette: I hate Benny Hill
(01:42:51) Jenny: I would watch The Big Hit. Twice.
(01:42:56) Lucy: I’m not a fan of Benny Hill, either.
(01:42:58) Jenny: Benny Hill did not improve things.
(01:43:04) maybette: Benny Hill – now that is someone who should never been in films
(01:43:26) maybette: I actually liked the music and the stunts
(01:43:52) maybette: but the expostion in this movie good god
(01:44:58) maybette: and its not the worst film I’ve ever seen. Offically that is still film that Pamela Anderson made with i thin Babe in the title
(01:48:00) maybette: Well its nearly two so good night!
(01:48:20) Jenny: Sorry, we’re beating up on Alastair here.
(01:48:28) Jenny: He’s going to pay.
(01:48:28) Lucy: Good night, maybette!
(01:48:35) Lucy: LOL, he’s already paying.
(01:48:37) Jenny: Good night all!
(01:48:38) Lucy: Poor guy.
(01:48:41) Lucy: Good night!