Chat Transcript: Morning Glory

Popcorn Dialogues Transcript

(00:00:00) Jenny: PUSH PLAY
(00:00:13) Jenny: Oh, good, another logo.
(00:00:29) Jenny: The picture gets bigger.
(00:01:23) Alastair: Cute intro.
(00:01:30) stephanie: good ’cause i’m getting old and needed to get really close
(00:02:22) mollita: They picked the perfect ringtone
(00:02:29) Jenny: Like somebody would leave Rachel McAdams for that.
(00:02:33) Alastair: Jerk.
(00:03:21) Jenny: Good Morning New Jersey. Every big city has one of those shows.
(00:03:35) Jenny: On book tours you get dragged through all of them.
(00:04:10) mollita: LOL. I adore this set-up.
(00:04:16) mollita: Nice shot, Brad
(00:04:22) Jenny: I know. It just nails who she is.
(00:04:41) Jenny: I love the music in this.
(00:04:51) mollita: Me, too.
(00:05:13) stephanie: there’s a lot of information so far
(00:05:15) mollita: The support of the crew for her says so much.
(00:05:16) Jenny: She’s so Mary Tyler Moore. I just want her to throw her hat in the air.
(00:05:18) Alastair: Very slick intro. She’s smart, capable and driven, but also human and likable.
(00:05:32) chloe: sorry I was making food but i like it so far
(00:05:42) Jenny: Love the reversal.
(00:05:58) mollita: Genius use of object to heighten the devastating "break-up"
(00:06:02) Jenny: His name is Chip. Love it.
(00:06:07) mollita: "But we’ve been together so long!
(00:06:15) Jenny: I know, the t-shirt is so subtle and so good.
(00:06:18) mollita: They’re grooming HIM, not her.
(00:06:46) Jenny: Oh, the T-shirts.
(00:06:52) mollita: And her Oh Shit reaction. It’s like being dumped romantically. Lot’s of terrific opportunities (lot’s of great guys out there)
(00:07:25) Jenny: It really is a romantic comedy. Except her romance is with her career.
(00:07:29) Jenny: Wonder what that’s like.
(00:07:37) mollita: Exactly. You think the Today show is going to call you up. (bookend alert)
(00:07:51) mollita: Would a mother really say that?
(00:08:00) Jenny: Some mothers would.
(00:08:10) chloe: yeah
(00:08:20) Jenny: My mother would say, "Don’t try. You’ll be disappointed and that’ll make me unhappy. I don’t want to be unhappy."
(00:08:22) chloe: I love the fish though
(00:08:24) Alastair: Are we supposed to feel sympathy for the mother’s point of view? Because… not so much.
(00:08:34) Jenny: No. Hate Mom.
(00:08:40) chloe: No she’s annoying
(00:08:46) mollita: Yes, I did call yesterday 😀
(00:09:02) mollita: Love Goldblum’s vocal inflections
(00:09:08) Jenny: I sent flowers.
(00:09:26) Alastair: Goldblum is always watchable.
(00:09:36) chloe: all 5 of them 🙂
(00:09:41) Jenny: He’s great in this.
(00:09:42) mollita: Her eagerness is exactly out of the "How not to act when you want a boyfriend" book– too eager. It’s adorable
(00:10:19) stephanie: ‘the thing on CBS’ – great line
(00:10:36) Jenny: I love the dialogue in this.
(00:10:44) chloe: most promising producing produser he’s ever fired – good line
(00:10:52) Jenny: I love that line.
(00:10:55) mollita: Is daybreak a shitty show, YEs! (with the little punch). perfect
(00:10:58) Jenny: Are you going to sing?
(00:11:01) mollita: Are you gonna sing?
(00:11:02) Jenny: LOVE it.
(00:11:29) Jenny: I love the way her voice shakes there.
(00:11:32) mollita: Best negotiation scene ever
(00:11:38) mollita: Me, too.
(00:11:57) Jenny: Jerk.
(00:12:08) mollita: Well, thats… embarrassing. Perfect
(00:12:16) mollita: For a producer
(00:12:16) Cat: Hola! My yoojzh was "taken" so it’s just Cat today.
(00:12:19) Alastair: It shows what she has at stake, and ties her personal arc to the show. Throw in sharp dialogue and a pair of great performances — I really like this thus far.
(00:12:27) stephanie: That’s exactly the way my voice sounds in an interview. ugh.
(00:12:45) Jenny: Great entrance.
(00:13:02) mollita: He reads asshole before even saying aword. awesome
(00:13:13) Jenny: Great cute meet. Protag vs Antag
(00:13:38) mollita: The third guy’s expression behind them is perfect.
(00:13:47) mollita: Bookend of elevator on hand
(00:13:55) mollita: These scenes are SO tight
(00:14:02) Jenny: I love that set up, that she can’t stop the elevator as well as he can. She’s out-gunned.
(00:14:20) chloe: third worse person in the world i love that line
(00:14:20) Jenny: See, she needs to throw her hat in the air there.
(00:14:28) mollita: That is a romcom moment, too (scream with birds)
(00:14:36) mollita: Exactly. Mary Tyler Moore ref, right?
(00:14:44) Jenny: I love the music from this movie.
(00:14:56) Jenny: I know I said that before. I’ll probably be mentioning it again.
(00:15:07) stephanie: MTM and kind a That Girl, too.
(00:15:22) Cat: Patrick Wilson = So Frickin’ Hot
(00:15:45) mollita: Another one. Don’t unpack.
(00:16:01) Alastair: I love John Pankow.
(00:16:04) mollita: Wombat Job
(00:16:17) chloe: is he the other producer?
(00:16:22) mollita: Heroine can rescue him
(00:16:23) Jenny: He’s wonderful
(00:16:39) mollita: Except without the money, viewers, respect lol
(00:16:54) chloe: good line
(00:17:16) Jenny: KEATON!
(00:17:18) mollita: The BANGS!
(00:17:19) Jenny: Love her.
(00:17:29) mollita: I do, too.
(00:17:42) chloe: oh oh I love her
(00:17:51) mollita: EvER
(00:18:19) chloe: Oh she’s so good
(00:18:20) mollita: Enjoy the pain gidget
(00:18:23) Jenny: Enjoy the pain, Gidget. I’m using that again.
(00:18:50) mollita: I like climate control
(00:19:01) chloe: Smarmy bastard
(00:19:04) stephanie: he is such a sleeze!
(00:19:09) Jenny: Sexy feet.
(00:19:11) mollita: Love his quirk
(00:19:15) Jenny: Yes, but he’s a GREAT sleaze.
(00:19:20) mollita: You talked to him alone. belly laugh
(00:20:06) mollita: love her eye-twitch at rejuvenization
(00:20:51) Jenny: Bangin Grannies. com
(00:21:49) chloe: I love how capable she ie
(00:21:56) Alastair: Great scene.
(00:21:56) mollita: great, great scene
(00:22:06) Jenny: Fabulous scene. Absolutely perfect.
(00:22:06) mollita: The closer of that guy taking a pic with his cell phone SO perfect
(00:22:16) stephanie: i think i’m gonna have to buy this movie. love it
(00:22:35) mollita: Go nuts, just can’t cost me a penny.
(00:22:45) Jenny: God, I LOVE THIS HEROINE.
(00:22:46) mollita: And that she’s willing to give up her own meager salary.
(00:22:51) chloe: Jeff Goldbloom – he’s great
(00:24:22) mollita: Love how she sidesteps the personal stuff. Well-handled when it could have been heavy-handed. Then the choice to seque to Adam Bennet scene. Perfect
(00:25:01) mollita: I’m laughing before Harrison Ford even begins to talk.
(00:25:06) mollita: He’s doing great.
(00:25:22) chloe: I’m a little annoyed that people keep calling her adorable
(00:25:32) mollita: Love how every scene with Goldblum is always Walk and Talk
(00:25:34) stephanie: I wanna know who thought that was a good haircut for Ford
(00:25:47) mollita: She never gets his full attention unless she’s running behind him.
(00:26:16) Jenny: This thing is paced so well.
(00:26:52) mollita: Always adjusting her clothes and hair. Perfect.
(00:26:56) Jenny: Bastard.
(00:27:03) Jenny: A great bastard, but still . . .
(00:27:13) stephanie: never sneak up on a cranky man who is armed
(00:27:17) chloe: no he’s still a bastard
(00:27:49) mollita: A good antagonist. She’s got a long way to go with him.
(00:27:58) Jenny: They are so great together.
(00:28:14) mollita: 6 million dollar man
(00:28:30) mollita: Pretty brave to say that to a man with a gun
(00:28:34) chloe: I that she has the hammer – money or do my show
(00:28:42) Cat: That’s what I thought, too!
(00:28:47) mollita: And that she FOUND that hammer on her own
(00:29:07) Jenny: And she’s using it without backing down.
(00:29:09) chloe: Oh thats really true mollita
(00:29:35) mollita: Get a puppet (cocking shotgun)
(00:29:51) chloe: shes really well informed
(00:30:37) chloe: I’m so in love with Keaton
(00:30:38) mollita: I would have welcomed him with open arms
(00:30:52) chloe: lol
(00:30:56) Jenny: Keaton is fabulous. And now there’s Ford.
(00:30:58) mollita: Love Ford’s sulky kid stance
(00:31:13) Jenny: Arrogant son of a bitch.
(00:31:16) stephanie: he sounds like he’s channeling his character from Sabrina:)
(00:31:18) Jenny: I love that last one.
(00:31:22) mollita: Isn’t he perfect
(00:31:25) Jenny: Lunch . . . with Dick Cheney.
(00:31:27) chloe: yeah pretty much
(00:31:37) mollita: You’re here for the money… PERFect response
(00:31:55) mollita: And I love how Diane Keaton’s next line is a complete reversal on her "I would have welcomed him"
(00:31:55) chloe: so true mollita
(00:32:07) mollita: Painting over the old anchor.
(00:32:27) mollita: I think this is one of the tightest (packed) movies I’ve seen in a long time.
(00:32:33) chloe: I love all the rushing around
(00:32:52) Jenny: It’s incredibly efficient story-telling.
(00:33:02) mollita: It reflects the newshow atmosphere– rush rush, slow down and breath before the cameras roll– don’t you think?
(00:33:05) chloe: tropical fruit plate is coming back 🙂
(00:33:35) stephanie: great striped socks
(00:33:53) chloe: man up lol
(00:33:57) mollita: Amazing dissolve to the three of them at the video shelf
(00:34:13) mollita: And the pettiness of stars. Perfect
(00:34:28) chloe: I know
(00:34:47) chloe: I was Miss Arizona lol
(00:34:51) Jenny: They are so good together.
(00:34:58) mollita: The dualing broken dishes segueing to the "friendly co-anchor" photo shoot. Brilliant
(00:35:01) Jenny: This movie just makes me happy.
(00:35:26) Jenny: She knows what she did.
(00:35:31) mollita: Kim Jung Il and ANgela Lansbury !!!
(00:35:43) stephanie: that is such a good line
(00:35:52) chloe: @Jenny lol
(00:36:32) mollita: I love how she likes him but never stops bustling around.
(00:36:40) mollita: AND that she doesn’t know it was asking her out.
(00:37:10) chloe: I love that the other producer knows
(00:37:35) chloe: he’s such an asshat
(00:37:45) mollita: yes, chloe– love their relationship
(00:38:08) Jenny: Great antagonist, horrible person.
(00:38:24) mollita: These promo shots kill me
(00:38:37) mollita: Special anchor man papers
(00:38:52) mollita: Love how she’s finally starting to lose it in her push-back
(00:39:00) chloe: still an asshat
(00:39:03) Jenny: I love the way they arc the conflict. And she gets tougher.
(00:39:13) mollita: Exactly
(00:39:34) Jenny: Great romantic subplot.
(00:40:00) chloe: thats sweet
(00:40:02) mollita: you have a rash or something spreading on your neck
(00:40:09) Alastair: She’s a really great heroine.
(00:40:12) Jenny: Great line.
(00:40:18) mollita: The cellphone fumble.
(00:40:42) mollita: The girl from his own world.
(00:40:58) mollita: Rachel out of her league
(00:41:09) mollita: So much info in a few seconds of screentime
(00:41:10) chloe: oh this is awkward!
(00:41:19) Jenny: And there she goes. Tough in her career, lousy at romance.
(00:41:37) mollita: But the same person in both. That’s what I love
(00:41:39) Jenny: They do awkward so well.
(00:41:54) chloe: feedback nad thing to say
(00:42:03) mollita: Now I think of Lani with every head on wall bang
(00:42:15) Jenny: I love them together.
(00:42:28) mollita: Pompous. That’s really interesting. That’s a different color for you. LOL
(00:42:44) Jenny: Another line I’m stealing.
(00:42:52) mollita: I think I know how to ad lib.
(00:42:57) chloe: love the antagonism between the anchor people
(00:43:13) mollita: Are you… drunk? She says that line perfectly.
(00:43:49) mollita: Another object– the special scotch that means he’s at his limit.
(00:44:12) chloe: he’s so annoying with his they took it away – as if his actions have nothing to do with it
(00:44:30) stephanie: i don’t get why they don’t reframe the question for him instead of making him fit into their world
(00:44:44) stephanie: am i thinking about this too much?
(00:44:59) mollita: Her heavy bags. Perfect!
(00:45:40) Alastair: It’s a fair question, Stephanie, but I think that his mind is fixed; he isn’t going to move an inch, no matter how reasonable they are in their phrasing.
(00:45:40) Jenny: Sorry. I was caught up in the love interest.
(00:45:47) chloe: threw me off guard love it
(00:45:54) Jenny: How charming is this guy?
(00:46:06) Jenny: Perfect for a subplot.
(00:46:09) mollita: Now he knows that she’s learned about him (the rowing thing) which is a great indicator of interest
(00:46:18) Cat: Love him!
(00:46:21) chloe: different now theres a comliment
(00:46:38) Alastair: He’s charming in a realistic kind of way. He fits this world perfectly.
(00:46:40) stephanie: so this is slow;)
(00:46:48) mollita: Let’s take it slowly (great jump scene to makout)
(00:46:51) chloe: too true
(00:46:56) Jenny: Grace in action.
(00:47:15) mollita: He didn’t open a bottle of 40yo bruchladdagh
(00:47:16) Jenny: Love it that he knows how important it is to her.
(00:47:27) mollita: I LOVE how much this bodes well for their relatinoship
(00:47:37) chloe: oh god oh dear
(00:47:37) Jenny: I know. I’m in love with him now.
(00:47:39) mollita: that he’d stop the heavy make-out for work, too
(00:47:50) mollita: Start at adelaines
(00:47:54) Jenny: Yep, because he was definitely about to get laid.
(00:47:57) mollita: And that she’s about to run out without her skirt
(00:47:57) chloe: they are really good for each other
(00:48:12) Jenny: I love this movie.
(00:48:38) mollita: She’s sweaty and disheveled. Bang fix
(00:48:43) stephanie: you know, this is the kind of movie katherine heigl would’ve done but this chick is so much less annoying
(00:48:51) stephanie: and so much better
(00:48:58) chloe: I love her intent
(00:49:02) Jenny: She’s not trying to be cute.
(00:49:18) mollita: The conflict between them has evolved so beautifully
(00:49:19) Alastair: The script is tight and the supporting cast are good, but Rachel McAdams is brilliant.
(00:49:22) chloe: he’s again such an asshat
(00:49:27) mollita: And her taxi whistle gave me goosebumps
(00:49:44) mollita: b/c she’s just taking care of business so well-=- that extra mile
(00:49:45) Jenny: I want to live there.
(00:49:48) Cat: Katherine Heigl is the Ruiner of Everything. Rachel McAdams is a much better actress and she’s is working her ass off in this movie.
(00:49:48) Jenny: Just not with him.
(00:49:53) mollita: even when dealing with crazy people
(00:50:14) Alastair: I think she’s going to be the next Sandra Bullock. I like her a lot.
(00:50:19) chloe: It’s not just her that it affects its everyone on the staff
(00:50:22) Jenny: He’s just evil.
(00:50:23) mollita: I love that she doesn’t defend herself (about being alone tonight)
(00:50:30) chloe: I think she gets that
(00:50:39) mollita: She’s got boundaries. Even if he doesn’t
(00:50:42) Jenny: Aside from your obvious father issues . . .
(00:50:56) mollita: She keeps her focus on the objective
(00:51:14) mollita: And zeros in on his achiles heel
(00:51:29) chloe: She’s really good
(00:51:43) chloe: i liked her in The Family Stone as well
(00:51:53) mollita: Love that dark scene of him looking back at her into lit part of the apartment.
(00:51:59) Jenny: She’s great in Sherlock Holmes.
(00:52:02) mollita: She’s outgunning him and he knows it.
(00:52:07) chloe: its gorgeous
(00:52:15) Jenny: He still slides the knife in.
(00:52:18) Cat: @Chloe – The Family Stone is a favorite of mine.
(00:52:25) mollita: That was a turning point and his back was to the camera
(00:52:27) chloe: @Cat me too
(00:52:30) Jenny: "’Too much in love to say goodnight.’ Goodnight."
(00:52:37) chloe: Keaton was fablous in it
(00:52:38) Jenny: Hi, Cat!
(00:52:48) Cat: Hi Jenny!
(00:53:05) mollita: Putting Family Stone on my movie list. (Sly and the Family Stone one of my fav bands and I love Keaton)
(00:53:22) chloe: I did like it a lot
(00:53:31) mollita: And now, after that quiet turning point, he’s doing the chatty making food thing. She’s too frantic to see it– but it’s there. He’s BANTERING
(00:53:40) chloe: it does Sarah Jessica Parker in it – but I like it
(00:53:43) Jenny: That was the one clunky point.
(00:53:57) mollita: I like it
(00:53:58) Jenny: She’d have been all over that frittata as a segment.
(00:54:19) mollita: But she’s been up all night and is frantic– I think she might have missed it.
(00:54:31) Jenny: I’ll forgive her almost anything.
(00:54:38) Alastair: I fully expected there to be a callback to the frittata in due course.
(00:54:38) chloe: he’s so much of arrogant ass
(00:54:39) Cat: BUT I think he’s rejected so much that the frittata moment goes over her head.
(00:54:44) mollita: It worked because she’s at odds with him– they’re late and he’s appearing to drag his heels
(00:54:55) mollita: Oh, and ah, Suck It
(00:55:13) chloe: lol
(00:55:16) mollita: This is their first day, right?
(00:55:18) Jenny: I want a movie that’s all Keaton and Ford arguing.
(00:55:27) mollita: Me, too.
(00:55:34) Cat: Me, too.
(00:55:53) chloe: @mollita I think so
(00:55:55) mollita: Yes.
(00:55:56) stephanie: ‘little show’ – i hate phrases like that
(00:55:57) mollita: LOL
(00:55:57) Alastair: Keaton is fantastic.
(00:56:02) Jenny: Yep, first day.
(00:56:26) chloe: bring on the cake lol
(00:56:39) mollita: Love how worried her co-producer looks. His on-camera presence is amazing.
(00:56:53) chloe: I love him
(00:56:54) mollita: Oh, man. Sexual Offender
(00:57:02) Cat: When we were watching Pocket Full of Miracles I was remarking about Bette Davis’ age because I’d rather see more Keaton and less Heigl. It’s hard for women of a certain age to find good characters.
(00:57:08) mollita: And, she’s the one who notices it. Not the CG guy
(00:57:26) chloe: oh god
(00:57:42) chloe: i feeel for her so much
(00:57:51) mollita: What Cat said. And Harrison Ford’s off-camera expressions are killing me. He did a great job on this movie.
(00:58:16) mollita: Look how tired she looks.
(00:58:19) chloe: Jenny you are so right I love the music
(00:58:27) stephanie: dueling ‘good byes’
(00:58:31) mollita: They must have had SO much fun doing this.
(00:58:50) chloe: 3 each lol
(00:59:16) mollita: Oh, man. He’s a fantastic prick
(00:59:28) chloe: yeo too true
(00:59:47) chloe: he’s beaten her that time
(01:00:22) chloe: I love the call backs to the phones
(01:00:34) Alastair: He has a truly awful apartment.
(01:00:46) Jenny: But he’s perfect for her.
(01:00:55) Jenny: And they wouldn’t spend much time there anyway.
(01:01:03) mollita: I love how much she loves what she does.
(01:01:04) Cat: In NYC that is not an awful apartment.
(01:01:11) mollita: And his smile on "Go" is perfect.
(01:01:21) chloe: @mollita me to
(01:01:37) Jenny: Love this song.
(01:01:39) Alastair: Yeah, he gets her. He appreciates her passion, and doesn’t make it about him.
(01:01:47) mollita: That I own the city feeling of her walk across the bridge is wonderful.
(01:02:00) chloe: thats a good quality in a man
(01:02:01) Jenny: Fabulous romantic subplot. That echoes the main plot. You can’t separate them.
(01:02:16) Jenny: AWWWWWWWW. Love Pankow.
(01:02:18) mollita: Love her co-producer.
(01:02:25) mollita: So much in a few exchanged looks.
(01:02:32) Jenny: I need an arsonist spouse.
(01:02:38) chloe: hes so great
(01:02:54) mollita: Her rambling among the backdrops arguing with Goldblum
(01:03:40) mollita: God he’s an asshole Taffy pullers with heavy meatballs
(01:04:17) mollita: You used to do news, right? Like a while ago? Dan Rather!
(01:04:20) Jenny: The movie moves like she does.
(01:04:22) stephanie: ‘Dan Rather’
(01:04:24) chloe: I want me to pander – its not about him
(01:04:38) mollita: Cool observation, Jenny
(01:05:19) Jenny: You know, that’s a tiny part, but she nails it.
(01:05:38) mollita: Accessory for celebrities, like a Berkenbag or a baby.
(01:05:38) chloe: og good lord
(01:05:55) Jenny: And the pressure jacks up again. This is a classic plot.
(01:06:46) chloe: more niave than I thought – brutal but true
(01:07:13) chloe: diskhead
(01:07:21) mollita: You’re circling the drain. She’s a great fighter. First time she’s been devastated– the weight in her body at the moment was palpable.
(01:07:22) chloe: *dickhead
(01:07:45) chloe: @mollita yeah its great acting on her part
(01:07:49) mollita: I’m not saying the word fluffy.
(01:08:04) mollita: She’s hit the wall. Co-producer tries to stop her.
(01:08:11) chloe: it about easter chicks 🙂
(01:08:13) Jenny: She’s fabulous in this role.
(01:08:27) mollita: Not the third worst. The Worst
(01:09:21) mollita: Love how that scene on the plaza is really just a very few people
(01:09:25) chloe: She’s at least really true
(01:09:26) stephanie: oh, the ‘non-line’ of people outside is hysterical
(01:09:42) mollita: And she’s BACK
(01:09:43) chloe: thats really funny
(01:10:10) mollita: And your girlfriend, lisa, can you get her a dictionary
(01:10:18) chloe: @mollita yes!!!!
(01:10:46) mollita: @chloe– isn’t it great!
(01:10:55) stephanie: if he has a heartattack…..
(01:10:58) chloe: yes!
(01:11:47) mollita: Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu
(01:12:06) mollita: Loved the jump to the security guard.
(01:12:07) chloe: I’m laughing a lot
(01:12:21) mollita: Shows that their audience will like it– even though they are all worried in the studio
(01:12:28) chloe: love the raction in the room
(01:12:36) stephanie: i’ve laughed more than in a bunch of romcoms
(01:13:15) mollita: Love how he’s putting down the sugar but still eating the donut
(01:13:31) chloe: people are smart – but he’s wrong about the entertainment thats smart
(01:13:50) mollita: AND he’s actually talking to her as an equal. A little bit of debate rather than smirky putdowns
(01:13:55) chloe: she’s great about being so determined
(01:14:08) mollita: And Keaton wanting the airtime is so in character
(01:14:09) Alastair: I love that her first question is, "Do you have any pre-existing conditions?"
(01:14:14) stephanie: oh man, he’s going to be the only one left alone
(01:14:14) Cat: Do you have any pre-existing conditions? LOL
(01:14:20) chloe: I love Keaton in sumo
(01:15:35) Jenny: Keaton is amazing.
(01:15:37) Jenny: No shame.
(01:15:42) mollita: The dueling how goofy can you be.
(01:15:54) mollita: And how the production room is loosening up and getting into it
(01:15:57) chloe: She is really a fighter
(01:16:20) stephanie: on air tattoo – that is classic!
(01:16:35) chloe: @mollita me too
(01:17:04) mollita: She’s eating the energy drink stuff right out of the packet
(01:18:23) chloe: down with the muck with the rest of us
(01:18:28) stephanie: the in between air stuff is fantastic!
(01:18:39) mollita: And now it’s on air. Oh shiiiiiiit
(01:18:58) chloe: I love the producers
(01:19:09) Jenny: I could watch them insult each other for hours.
(01:19:22) mollita: me, too.
(01:19:44) chloe: I love them together
(01:20:26) mollita: Boyfriend is stumbling. That was mean
(01:21:20) Jenny: I wasn’t sure about that move, but given her state of mind, I think I buy it.
(01:21:51) Jenny: That’s news anchor hair.
(01:21:56) mollita: Me, too. She probably should have told him how much pressure she was under (show cancelation) but he has been making her feel a *little* guilty.
(01:22:05) chloe: yeah
(01:22:17) Jenny: Good to know he’s not perfect The boyfriend, I mean.
(01:22:52) chloe: if your not listening to someone though I can see how the boyfriend would get frustrated
(01:22:57) mollita: This is a great set-up. He’s throwing her a minor lifeline (at least apparently) just when she needs it.
(01:22:58) Cat: Well, he also doesn’t know about the possible cancellation. She has shared with him.
(01:23:08) mollita: @chloe– true.
(01:23:30) Cat: *She has not shared with him.
(01:23:51) mollita: Let Ernie do the weathervane thing. no loose ends in this movie.
(01:24:19) mollita: You don’t get arrested for trying to interview somebody.
(01:24:35) chloe: I love her
(01:24:45) chloe: she finally tellls him
(01:24:49) mollita: Loved Ford’s nod there. He’s finally on the team.
(01:25:03) chloe: yep still an ass
(01:25:23) mollita: I think he knows this could save the show.
(01:25:36) chloe: *I meant that he’s on the team but still a lot of an ass
(01:26:00) mollita: Yes– you’re right.
(01:26:01) stephanie: such a tight story
(01:26:20) mollita: Love her proud look.
(01:26:49) Jenny: I love it that he’s right, too.
(01:26:53) mollita: He’s talking to her like a peer. I wanted you to see that.
(01:27:02) mollita: That was a bran donut
(01:27:11) chloe: yeah hes opening up a little
(01:27:17) mollita: He’s a bitter, lonely guy. I totally buy this moment of reveal.
(01:27:26) Jenny: I love it that Ford hasn’t had that much plastic surgery. He looks his age.
(01:27:30) chloe: the donut thing sweet
(01:27:33) Jenny: And this is a great moment.
(01:27:46) stephanie: also revealing how men deal with defeat vs. how women deal with it
(01:27:50) chloe: yeah he looks real
(01:27:54) Cat: I love how he’s telling her where he went wrong and it’s exactly where she’s at.
(01:28:00) mollita: Plus it does double-duty– because she’s about to make that same choice.
(01:28:07) mollita: (what Cat said)
(01:28:27) Jenny: It really is a relationship movie. This relationship.
(01:28:42) Cat: This is a great moment. It has a father/daughter feel to it, too.
(01:28:42) Jenny: Love it.
(01:28:49) mollita: Wait a second. Did you just say something nice to me?
(01:29:05) chloe: @cat totally agree with you
(01:29:05) mollita: @cat– and it dovetails with his earlier mean comment about daddy issues
(01:29:21) chloe: truw
(01:29:44) Cat: Yes.
(01:29:47) mollita: I underestimated you, Becky. Oh, that’s very true. (Adore this movie)
(01:29:50) chloe: they’re not awful – good line
(01:29:55) mollita: The today
(01:30:12) mollita: Show wants you (dovetail with mother saying "What, do you think you’re going to someday get a call from the Today Show
(01:30:28) chloe: one in the eye for the mother
(01:31:16) mollita: And her bangs are under control
(01:31:21) chloe: thats sweet
(01:31:37) chloe: @mollita lol
(01:31:39) mollita: Daybreak is family now. (sigh)
(01:31:47) Cat: I don’t think the Today show is that appealing.
(01:31:52) Cat: Exactly, Mollita.
(01:32:02) chloe: I know great line – and what the movie is about
(01:32:29) mollita: It’s perfect "We do one good story together and suddenly I’m your bitch."
(01:32:41) chloe: asshat
(01:33:13) Jenny: But he wouldn’t have done a 180. This is believable.
(01:33:26) mollita: What’s keeping you. (That is a romance story type question. Job as romance.)
(01:33:36) stephanie: very believable and then he walks away and hides behind his glasses
(01:33:45) chloe: I like that she’s standing up for herself
(01:34:18) Cat: I love that he’s the one that forces her hand with the Today Show. She wasn’t tempted until he pushes her away.
(01:34:28) mollita: Exactly
(01:34:40) chloe: thats good strytelling
(01:34:54) mollita: And she’s in the frilly party dress for the interview with the new boyfri- um- job.
(01:35:08) chloe: lol
(01:35:15) Jenny: Interesting outfit for an interview.
(01:35:19) chloe: I realy hate that dress
(01:35:22) Jenny: Unless she’s trying to be cutting edge.
(01:35:29) stephanie: she definitely looks ‘youthful’ now
(01:35:32) mollita: It’s the romantic comedy structure– they’re emphasizing that
(01:35:35) chloe: lol
(01:35:39) Cat: love Keaton calling Ford a ding dong…LOL
(01:35:39) mollita: with her outfits
(01:36:04) mollita: And Harrison Ford’s struck dumb moment
(01:36:10) chloe: @Cat thats really good
(01:36:20) mollita: ANd that she’s distracted by the television (just like she is with her boyfriend)
(01:36:28) mollita: (during her interview with Today)
(01:36:31) chloe: I like keaton talks sense to him
(01:36:42) mollita: Me, too chloe
(01:36:57) stephanie: this movie is great — nothing is left to waste
(01:37:00) Jenny: I saw this one coming the first time I saw this. Alastair doesn’t seem to have, so maybe I’m just wonky.
(01:37:20) chloe: love that line I really don’t enjoy this job
(01:37:23) Cat: I saw it coming, too.
(01:37:32) Cat: But I don’t hold it against them.
(01:37:48) mollita: I knew he would have to make a gesture, and when he cooked her the fritatta that morning I knew that would be it, but isn’t that good structure?
(01:37:51) chloe: still hating the dress
(01:37:55) Jenny: It is.
(01:38:06) Jenny: Good structure.
(01:38:12) Cat: It is, but it borders on spoon fed.
(01:38:13) mollita: But only for people that I really care about
(01:38:15) Jenny: Love that line. "People I really care about."
(01:38:21) chloe: its not an anville though
(01:38:27) Jenny: LOVE that call back.
(01:38:31) mollita: He’s saying I’m willing to be your bitch (at least sometimes).
(01:38:31) Alastair: I expected the frittata to pay off, but I didn’t expect him to do it on his own; I thought she would persuade him.
(01:38:37) Alastair: It’s nicely done, though.
(01:38:40) stephanie: i love that he’s pulling everything together and he knows that she’ll be watching wherever she is
(01:38:44) chloe: oh ok
(01:38:52) mollita: I love that the boyfriend realizes what a HUGE deal this is.
(01:38:53) Jenny: I love this. Makes me cry.
(01:38:54) chloe: I love the fluffy linw
(01:38:59) mollita: Rom Com Run!!!!
(01:39:02) Jenny: THE ROM COM RUN.
(01:39:06) Jenny: God, I love this movie.
(01:39:21) stephanie: i missed the rom com run!
(01:39:29) mollita: Co-producer practically has tears
(01:39:30) stephanie: too bad we haven’t had a montage
(01:39:34) chloe: I like her shoes but the high heels would be so hard to run in
(01:39:43) Cat: I hate to run, especially now, but if I don’t go to the store I’m SOL. Country livin’.
(01:39:46) mollita: Yeah, chloe, how do they do that?
(01:40:08) chloe: don’t know haven’t worn them since I was 14
(01:40:08) Cat: Love this movie. Another great time with the PopD crowd!
(01:40:15) mollita: She dumped the new, shiny, rich boyfriend for her daybreak family
(01:40:19) Cat: Have a good one guys!!!
(01:40:27) mollita: Which the rabble like to call donuts.
(01:40:30) chloe: bye!
(01:40:38) mollita: The old bastard.
(01:40:40) Cat: Bye!
(01:40:47) mollita: Bye!
(01:41:01) mollita: I want a tropical fruit plate!!!
(01:41:12) mollita: t-shirt for her friend from the last show
(01:41:17) chloe: I know good call abck
(01:41:19) mollita: clipping for her mother
(01:41:27) stephanie: bye cat
(01:41:28) mollita: dictionary for the girlfriend
(01:41:44) mollita: she puts her own cellphone in frig.
(01:41:47) mollita: tiiiiight
(01:41:58) Jenny: Love Ford’s hand on Keaton’s ass.
(01:42:05) chloe: I love the scene with the chainsaw
(01:42:19) Jenny: Walk into the sunset.
(01:42:25) mollita: Jesus I’m kidding
(01:42:35) Alastair: It’s a love story — and it’s beautifully done.
(01:42:37) Jenny: That’s a great relationship.
(01:42:43) Jenny: I love this movie.
(01:42:46) stephanie: jeez that was good
(01:42:46) chloe: Great line
(01:42:52) Jenny: Third time I’ve seen it and it’s still wonderful.
(01:42:54) mollita: I love this movie.
(01:43:14) Jenny: I would so have bought this soundtrack, but evidently they never made one.
(01:43:14) chloe: but it doesn’t fall into cuteness
(01:43:17) Jenny: Idiots.
(01:43:17) stephanie: i think i might even get dh to watch it tonight
(01:43:27) mollita: Are there a lot of movies out there like this? That capture the work-as-family thing?
(01:43:30) chloe: which is what katherine heigl would have turned it into
(01:43:30) stephanie: no soundtrack. why the hell not?
(01:43:39) mollita: Yeah, why not?
(01:43:48) mollita: We should make an iTunes playlist for it
(01:44:18) chloe: that is a good idea
(01:44:22) stephanie: i like that this was easy to follow and still made for a ‘smart’ viewer
(01:44:34) chloe: you know love it for keaton she is such a great actress
(01:44:39) stephanie: i think this is why it only made $30M 🙂
(01:44:56) mollita: only $30million. That’s depressing.
(01:45:11) stephanie: that’s what IMDb had listed
(01:45:16) chloe: well if it was tranformers in the moon…
(01:45:23) stephanie: exactly
(01:45:37) mollita: I’m guessing this was written by a woman. Is that sexist?
(01:46:18) stephanie: Aline Brosh McKenna is listed as the writer
(01:46:23) mollita: It’s just got such a strong sense of what it’s like to be a passionate woman in a demanding workplace
(01:46:36) mollita: Thanks stephanie.
(01:46:37) Alastair: It was written by Aline Brosh McKenna, who also wrote The Devil Wears Prada and 27 Dresses.
(01:46:52) stephanie: 27 Dresses, Laws of Attraction
(01:46:56) mollita: I liked Devil Wears Prada movie better than the book
(01:46:59) chloe: you klnow work as family I can think of a lot of series, like studio 60, west wing, and red dwarf but films I think are harder to think of
(01:47:00) mollita: Haven’t seen the other two
(01:47:47) mollita: Good recommendations chloe– I haven’t seen any of them. I bet it’s hard to capture so much in a short film (the job, the romance, the character growth)
(01:48:08) stephanie: 107 m and i didn’t look at the clock once
(01:48:22) mollita: me either
(01:48:57) chloe: yeah and I think its easier to have an antagnist thats agonist them like in you’ve got mail
(01:48:59) mollita: I like it that she doesn’t have to wear mens clothes to be successful. (by men’s clothes I mean acting detached and severe)
(01:49:16) chloe: but in the orginal shop around the corner they are from the same compant
(01:49:20) Jenny: I wanted more Keaton and Ford, but otherwise that is one tight story.
(01:49:23) stephanie: wow, my family isn’t home yet. i think i’ll start it again
(01:49:48) Jenny: I did that the first time. Watched it twice.
(01:49:51) stephanie: Diane Keaton didn’t do her usual dithering and I sooo appreciated that
(01:49:53) chloe: @Jenny that really would have been great
(01:50:02) Jenny: Of course, I was dazzled by the structure. Such a geek.
(01:50:05) mollita: First time I’ve seen Pankow in something. He’s amazing.
(01:50:11) Jenny: Well, McAdams was dithering, so she coudln’t.
(01:50:19) chloe: watch her in The Family Stone she’s so great in that
(01:50:27) stephanie: true, that would’ve been too much dithering
(01:50:32) mollita: That’s next on my list
(01:50:34) Jenny: I love that first scene at the show where they’re all shouting at her and she handles it all and then fires McVee.
(01:50:38) Alastair: If you get the chance, watch the Showtime miniseries called Episodes. Pankow plays the studio exec, and he’s a glorious bastard.
(01:50:47) stephanie: I forgot she was in Family Stone. I’m not a big SJP fan, though
(01:50:47) mollita: Me, too.
(01:50:48) Jenny: Perfect characterization.
(01:50:54) mollita: Episodes, check
(01:51:02) Jenny: Love this movie. Podcast is going to be a lovefest.
(01:51:11) chloe: I was just was just saying that Alistair!
(01:51:11) mollita: SJP?
(01:51:14) stephanie: I had a hard time getting into Episodes
(01:51:23) stephanie: SJP _ Sarah Jessica Parker
(01:51:33) mollita: Ah. Don’t like her.
(01:51:36) chloe: I saw the last one and thought it was great
(01:51:50) mollita: Hated Sex in the City. Hated it. Made me feel like an alien to my own sex. This move, on the other hand…
(01:51:59) stephanie: I liked "Have you heard about the Morgans?" except she couldn’t stand up against Hugh Grant
(01:52:17) mollita: If you have the careers that will get you those apartments and all you can be obsessed about is clothes and men? Icky
(01:52:20) chloe: @Stephanie me either but the other cast is great Rachel MCAdams, Luke Wilson and Crag Nelson
(01:52:53) stephanie: @Chloe – true. Keaton is in that, too, right?
(01:53:06) chloe: @stephanie yes
(01:53:16) Jenny: Sorry, Alastair and I are arguing about the antagonist.
(01:53:30) stephanie: Ford is the antagonist, right?
(01:53:31) mollita: Should we let you podcast?
(01:53:34) Jenny: Geeks here.
(01:53:38) chloe: you have to get past her but its worth it if only for the character of Brad
(01:53:42) Jenny: Ask him about the Second Punic War.
(01:53:44) mollita: I thought Ford was perfect. I’m glad he didn’t cave too early
(01:53:59) stephanie: There was a first punic war:)
(01:54:02) Jenny: I thought Ford was great, too. But everybody was.
(01:54:13) Alastair: It was a great movie, and Jenny’s right — the podcast is going to be a little gushy. 🙂
(01:54:14) chloe: makes me forgive the last Indiana Jones
(01:54:21) Jenny: Goldblum was great. Pankow was wonderful. And whosis who played the love interest was dead on.
(01:54:33) Alastair: There were three Punic Wars. Don’t get me started. 🙂
(01:54:38) stephanie: sorry I’m bitter
(01:54:41) chloe: yeah Patrick wilson was great in it
(01:54:41) mollita: His arrogance was deserved– 40 years of excellence and the industry spit him out. That would make you bitter. Add to that the sacrifice of his family life. He was real.
(01:54:47) Jenny: I still haven’t seen it.
(01:54:53) mollita: Talking about ford’s character
(01:54:54) chloe: @stephanie too truw
(01:54:59) Alastair: I’m with you, Stephanie, but I don’t blame Harrison Ford for it.
(01:55:02) Jenny: Yep, great character. Everybody was set up well in this.
(01:55:13) stephanie: @Jenny – Don’t.Just watch the first three again over and over
(01:55:22) Jenny: I hated the second one.
(01:55:27) mollita: Except I liked Mirren
(01:55:28) Jenny: First and third are excellent.
(01:55:36) chloe: then again i saw the first one again (Indiana Jones and got so angry that I nearly hit the screen
(01:55:37) Jenny: Helen Mirren was in it? I’m there.
(01:55:42) stephanie: Nope, not Ford’s fault. Lucas is gone a bit wacky.
(01:55:46) mollita: Think of it as a 1950s matinee. And realize Shea Labouffe is in it, which sucks.
(01:55:54) mollita: And you’ll be fine.
(01:56:01) mollita: Them goofy nazis
(01:56:04) Jenny: Maybe I’ll just watch Morning Glory again.
(01:56:18) Jenny: But really, what a great Sunday afternoon.
(01:56:25) Alastair: You know, I could stand to watch it again right now, and that’s very rare.
(01:56:26) Jenny: I like this matinee idea.
(01:56:33) mollita: I’m still upset that it only made $30 million. How will we get more movies like this if they don’t make the money.
(01:56:36) Jenny: Just watch really good movies.
(01:56:42) stephanie: Or if you need a fluffy Ford movie watch 6 Days, 7 Nights or something like that
(01:56:47) chloe: yeah thats the idea
(01:56:53) mollita: I like the matinee schedule, too.
(01:56:55) Jenny: Oh, god, no.
(01:56:58) Jenny: That movie was awful.
(01:57:12) stephanie: i like matinees too but i can’t rely on getting the kids away from me
(01:57:15) chloe: I don’t know I thought he was great in the fugitive
(01:57:23) Jenny: We could do Movies That Are Really Good on Sundays. Like Red.
(01:57:23) stephanie: @j – of course it was bad – but he wasn’t;)
(01:57:29) chloe: tommy stole that movie though
(01:57:32) Jenny: The Fugitive was wonderful.
(01:57:40) Jenny: And then there’s Han Solo.
(01:57:41) mollita: I loved the fugitive.
(01:57:41) Alastair: The Fugitive is really good, and I love Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade. Honestly, he’s good in most things.
(01:57:43) chloe: yeah really great
(01:57:48) mollita: My favorite edited movie, ever.
(01:57:49) stephanie: he had this same hair in The Fugitive
(01:58:02) Alastair: And I’ll be watching out for Rachel McAdams from now on, too.
(01:58:04) Jenny: I never notice hair.
(01:58:14) mollita: We do the "I. Don’t. Bargain." quote all the time.
(01:58:15) chloe: again watching the first Indiana Jones made me want to burn it – please don’t hit me
(01:58:15) Jenny: Except for the time Clooney got that Caesar cut. That was bad.
(01:58:16) stephanie: bad hair kills a movie for me, can you tell
(01:58:32) mollita: What happened with the first indie movie?
(01:58:41) Alastair: It’s okay, May, we’re a tolerant, inclusive group. 😉
(01:58:42) Jenny: She’s great in Sherlock Holmes with Downey. Lani didn’t like her but I think that was jealousy.
(01:58:47) mollita: lol stephanie.
(01:58:59) mollita: She’s going to be in the second one, too.
(01:59:14) chloe: I just got so angry – first the plot make no freaking sense
(01:59:31) mollita: Only think I hated about the Sherlock holmes movie was the over-use of the trackback of scenes (where sherlock figures out what going to happen, then does it.) Do it once. I got it already.
(01:59:36) chloe: second why are the nazis going after something in the bible?
(01:59:52) mollita: Hitler did collect religious paraphernalia
(01:59:57) Jenny: I use Raiders to teach plot structure. It made sense to me.
(02:00:05) mollita: He was a mysticism addict.
(02:00:19) stephanie: may – hitler did stuff like that. you can’t make sense of crazy.
(02:00:20) Jenny: Yep, that part was real.
(02:00:30) Alastair: This is going to be the longest chat transcript ever — I think we need to draw veil over it.
(02:00:40) chloe: I guess I’m sorry I just had such a viseral angry reaction to it – but don’t trust me I really like the sensond one
(02:00:50) Jenny: This was so much fun. Thanks everybody for chatting!
(02:00:52) chloe: you are right alstair
(02:00:53) mollita: That always means sex to me, Alastair. What are you saying here.
(02:01:24) Alastair: What you do with the rest of your Sunday afternoon is your business. 😉
(02:01:28) Alastair: Thanks so much for hanging out with us, everyone!
(02:01:29) Jenny: He’s a Scot. THey have weird expressions.
(02:01:31) stephanie: take care. have a great evening.
(02:01:36) chloe: lol
(02:01:44) stephanie: i think my kidlets are bringing home chinese food. yum.
(02:01:44) mollita: Have a great day everone!
(02:01:45) chloe: Bye!
(02:01:54) Jenny: Bye.
(02:02:00) stephanie: bye.