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As of This Writing

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It’s been four years since our last update, so I thought it was time to officially announce that the PopD experiment has ended.

Some of my fondest memories are of hanging out with Jen, watching movies and laughing with barking dogs jumping all over the place. I remember the live chats and the smart responses from our listeners. I remember getting to do something extraordinary with my best friend, and feeling so lucky that I got to spend time like that with one of the smartest people I’d ever known. I learned more about story from doing PopD with Jenny than I did writing all the books I’d written up until then, and I can say with certainty that if it weren’t for that experience, and that friendship, I would not be doing the work that I love today.

A little update for those who are interested. Jen and I eventually both left Ohio. She moved to New Jersey to live closer to her family, and I moved to Syracuse because it’s always been home for me. Now we’re four hours apart, but when I can get down to see her, we have a great time together. Every now and again, Krissie and I will visit at the same time, and we get our sister goddess time. It’s wonderful and restorative when we’re all together, and I wish we could do it more often.

At the time we recorded these podcasts, there were five (five!) dogs in the house, and two children. Out of the dogs–Wolfie, Veronica, Milton, Mona and Lyle–Jen has three left. Lyle passed in 2012, with me and Jen and Alastair petting him and loving him, as we had every night for the year or so that we spent giving him his daily saline infusions to keep his kidneys functioning as long as possible. Lyle didn’t live a long time, but he was loved easily as much in that time as most dogs are during a full run. The other four went with Jen in New Jersey, but Wolfie was very old and finally left us at 16.. Unlike Lyle, Wolfie had a long life, full of personality quirks and occasional assholery, but overall, he was fantastic dog, and I’m so honored that I got to spend time with and love him as I did. The first time I met him was when I read about his fictional counterpart Faking It, before I knew Jen personally. I fell in love with the little turd back then, and have never wavered in my adoration. He will be missed.

Lani and Lyle

Me and Lyle in 2011, sitting in the chair from which Jen recorded PopD.


Wolfie, backyard, 2010.

Sweetness and Light, who were 10 and 8 respectively when we started PopD, are now in high school. We moved to a small town outside of Syracuse where the schools are highly rated, and both girls have been on high honor roll every marking period. As of this writing, Sweetness wants to be a voice actor and live in the UK, and Light wants to go into robotic engineering and live in the southwest. They are bright, amazing girls, and are the best of friends. They are sitting downstairs right now, watching television and hooting with laughter over something, and they remind me a lot of me and Jen.

Jen Sweetness and Light

Sweetness and Light with Fake Aunt Jenny, 2010

Speaking of Jen, she’s living in the wilds of New Jersey, battling bears and yarn, working on something like ten books, most of which I’ve read parts of and all of which are brilliant. She has three beautiful grandchildren she sees regularly, and the most adorable little cottage on a lake. If you haven’t been keeping up with her on Argh, you need to get over there. Her blog entries are always sharp and insightful and funny, a lot like the woman herself.

Meanwhile, a little farther north, the kids and I are living the dream in Central New York. My latest book, For Love or Magic, came out in December, and I’ve got another one almost finished which will hopefully be hitting the virtual shelves this spring as I move from traditional to independent publishing. I’m teaching screenwriting at Syracuse University, which is the most fun I’ve ever had working for other people. My students are young and energetic and brilliant, and I’m incredibly lucky that I get to do what I do. Sure, I may have four jobs, but I love them all, and I credit everything I’m able to do now to the humble beginnings learning from Jenny while watching romantic comedies in that ridiculous house on the Ohio

Thank you for being part of this experience. Even if you come to it years later, and have just downloaded our response to It Happened One Night after watching it in your own living room wherever you are, know that you are listening to two women who had so much fun with their work and with each other that they just had to share it with the world. Even with the dogs barking and the sometimes questionable audio quality, this show is a time capsule for my time with Jenny, which was one of the happiest, craziest and most consequential periods of my life. I would not be where I am now if I wasn’t there, then, in that living room, with those dogs and my best friend.

Enjoy the podcasts. I’m glad they’re still here, and that people are still finding them. What an amazing ride.


Jen and Lani

Me and Jen in 2012, just before she moved to New Jersey, having a wonderful time at the mothership, aka, Michael’s.

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